Graduates from the Department of Theatre are successful theatre artists practicing across Canada and the world as directors, actors, playwrights, set and costume designers, technical directors, production managers, scenic carpenters, artistic directors and more. Click and read profiles about some of our best and brightest!




Sebastien Archibald (BFA'07)
Vancouver-based actor and playwright, Co-Artistic Director and Playwright in Residence of ITSAZOO Productions.

  Deanne May Bertsch (BFA'92)
Choreographer and drama, dance, choir and Blackfoot teacher.
  Beatrice Boepple (BFA'84)
Actor for film, television and stage and yoga instructor.
  Meg Braem (BFA’04)
Critically acclaimed and award-winning playwright.
   Kate Braidwood (BFA’03)
Actor, deviser, sound designer, director, teacher and co-founder of WONDERHEADS.
  Shannan Calcutt (BFA'97)
Best known as Izzy the Clown, this writer, actor, instructor and clown is also a Co-Comedic Director and Clown Coach for Cirque du Soleil.
  Ian Case(BFA'91)
Well-known local director, arts advocate and supporter.

TJ Dawe (BFA’97)
Writer, performer, director and dramaturge has become “Canada’s most prolific writer of autobiographical monologues.”

  Megan Dennis (BFA '90)
International actor for stage and camera.
  Victor Dolhai (BFA ’07)
Is a prominent performer with the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.
    Michael Dudley (BFA'86)
Author, editor and book reviewer who is now an academic librarian at the University of Winnipeg.
    Erin Karpluk (BFA ’00)
Found fame and acclaim in her leading role on the hit Canadian series Being Erica.
  James Leard (BFA '70)
Writer, director and founder of the Story Theatre Company, which going strong after 30 years of touring children's theatre.
  Tim Machin (BFA’89)
Theatre artist and interactive folk rock musician.
  Joan MacLean (BFA '84)
Professional actor and teacher in Vancouver since 1989.
  Alison Matthews (BFA’91)
Actor with extensive film, television and stage experience, and works regularly as a professional voice-over artist and coach.
  Nicolle Nattrass (BFA ’91)
Award-winning playwright and actor known for her one-woman shows.
    Peter Outerbridge (BFA ’88)
Has made his mark on stage, screen and television.

Meg Roe (BFA ’04)
Much acclaimed and awarded actor is making waves as a director at the Shaw Festival.

  Charles Ross (BFA '98)
Acclaimed star and co-creator of the internationally touring shows One-Man Star Wars and One-Man Lord of the Rings.
    Zachary Stevenson (BFA ’03)
Acclaimed actor and a musician has made a name for himself by interpreting musical performers from days gone by.
    Celine Stubel (BFA ’02)
Victoria native is becoming one of BC's busiest actors.
  Sara Topham (BFA ’98)
Went from Stratford to Broadway in a Tony Award-winning production.
  Andrew Wade (BFA'15)
Playwright and actor based out of Richmond, BC.

Krista Wallace (BFA'89)
Author, actor, vocalist, and musical director.


Applied Theatre

  Geoff Gustafson (BFA '00)
Acting instructor for several years and recently developed School Creative's Theatre Conservatory program for which he is the Department Head.

Chelsea Haberlin (BFA’07)
Student’s theatre company develops into alumna’s budding career as “Most Promising New Director” for Vancouver’s “Favourite New Theatre Company”.

  Will Weigler (PhD’11)
Applied theatre research from director, playwright, producer and author informs transformative and meaningful community-initiated theatre.



  Pam Alexis (BFA'80)
Founded her own event management company and is now on the city council of Mission, BC.
  John Demmery Green (BFA'12)
A playwright currently based in London, England.

Amiel Gladstone (BFA'94)
Nationally acclaimed playwright and director based in Vancouver.

    Mack Gordon (BFA ’07)
Hard-working alumnus keeps busy with a string of acting and directing jobs in theatre, film and television.
  Mark Leiren-Young (BFA'85)
Author, journalist, playwright, documentary writer, and feature film writer.
  Nathan Medd (BFA '01)
Talented theatre administrator and producer makes mark on BC theatre and now at the helm of the National Arts Centre’s English Theatre.
  Matthew Payne (BFA '96)
Actor, writer, director and founding member of Theatre SKAM.


Production & Management

  Amanda Verhagen (BFA'11)
Production coordinator for hit TV series such as Arctic Air and The Flash who also produces her own feature films.
  Christopher Sibbald (BFA ‘ 10)
Chris graduated in 2010 with a BFA in Theatre Production and Management.
    Megan Newton (BFA ’05)
Inspiring alumna's spirit lives on to encourage other intrepid artists.
    Marisa Vest (BFA ’04)
"One day I got the magic phone call," she said in a Times Colonist interview. "I [ran] away with the circus."



  Roberta Doylend (BFA'92)
Head of Wardrobe and instructor at Brock University.
  Liz Charsley-Jory (BFA’85)
Theatre props and set designer, artist and teacher.
  Patrick Du Wors (BFA '02)
Is an active Toronto-based designer who frequently returns to Victoria.
    Ingrid Hansen (BFA ’09)
Multi-talented alumna heads up promising new theatre company.
  Rebekah Jonson(BFA '83)
General manager and theatre manager who graduated with distinction from UVic’s Theatre Department in 1983 and also received her MFA in Visual Art from UVic in 2010.
  Tamara Marie Kucheran (BFA 97)
Career as a set and costume designer has taken her across Canada.
  Matthew Lees (BFA '90)
Began his career as a freelance technician from 1990-1997 and is currently the General Manager of Riggit.
  Dany Lyne (MFA'93)
Author, trauma intuitive, body whisperer, CranioSacral therapist, Reiki practitioner, teacher and artist whose design work won the Siminovitch Prize in 2006.
  Bridget McGuire (BFA'89)
Production Designer and Art Director who has worked on world-famous films and TV series such as Little Women, Night at the Museum, Stargate SG-1 and Arrow.
  Janet Munsil (BFA ’89)
Is an intrepid fixture of the Victoria theatre community, and a playwright celebrated worldwide.
    Leon Potter (BFA'94)
Director, actor, designer and technician who is currently Chair of Vancouver Island University's Department of Theatre.
  Michael Whitfield (BA '67)
A lighting designer with an illustrious national and international career, worked as the resident lighting designer at the Stratford Festival for 25 years.



    Dennis Garnhum (BFA ’90)
The Artistic Director of Theatre Calgary since 2005.
  Mika Laulainen (BFA'12)
Theatre maker based out of Vancouver, BC.
  Tyler Klein Longmire (BFA'10)
Animator, designer, and theatre maker based in Calgary, AB.
  Lani Milstein (BFA'02)
Creative Manager of Starvox Entertainment.
  Fay Nass (BFA'07)
Vancouver-based writer, director and theatre scholar.
  Alistair Newton (BFA '05)
Acclaimed emerging Canadian director and playwright founded Ecce Homo Theatre to present strong socio-political work.
  Colin Plant (BFA'96)
Director and drama teacher who is currently President of the BC Drama Educators and chairs the Capital Regional District Arts Committee.
  Jeffrey Pufhal (MFA'12)
Director who also runs the outreach theatre program for the University of Florida's prestigious Centre for Arts in Medicine.
  Katherine Stadel (BFA'04)
Vancouver-based venue manager who also directs and produces.


Theatre History

    Claire Hill (BFA ’2012)
The current administrative manager for Dancemakers in Toronto, Claire has worked across the country in a range of creative and administrative roles.
  David Christopher (MA ’2012)
Widely-educated Theatre History alumni continues his studies at UVic as he pursues a PhD in Cinema and Cultural Theory.
  Jenny Taylor (BFA ’2013)
A recent graduate, Jenny continues her studies in dramaturgy while remaining active in the theatre community.