Class Files via Fetch - OS X

You can get a site licences from: UVic Help Desk

Fetch SFTP for Apple OS X
Fetch must be registered with a license key and serial number to work. Until the codes are entered, the software will run in "trial" mode and will expire after 15 days. UVic has obtained a license for Fetch which allows UVic members to use the software. Please contact the Computer Help Desk for this license key.

To access the Class Files directory, you must use a FTP program that will allow you to change directories. On OS X, a good program to use is Fetch.

To access the class files via ftp, start Fetch. When Fetch is started, you will be presented with a "New Connection" window, as seen below.

  1. In the "Hostname:" field, enter as seen in the image above.
  2. Enter your "Netlink" user name in the "Username:" field.
  3. In the "Connect using:" pop down, choose SFTP
  4. Enter your password in the "Password:" field.
  5. Click "Connect" and you will be connected to the finearts SFTP server, with your current location being your "My Files" directory.


To change to the Class Files directory, click on "Go -> Go to Folder" in the Fetch Menu

A window will open prompting you for the name of the directory where you wish to go

In the text field, enter "/class_files" into the space, and click ok. This will take you to the Class Files directory.


Once you are in the Class Files directory, you can simply navigate through the system by clicking on the folders, and by using the "Back" button at the top of the window.

To return to your "My Files" directory, repeat the "Go -> Go To Folder" described above, and type "~" in the Go To Folder (without the quotes). This will take you back to your home directory.