Kyocera KM-4800w

 Kyocera KM-4800w

Printing on the KM-4800w

The Kyocera KM-4800w prints image files. The recommend format is "TIFF"

Vectorworks to Tiff via PhotoShop

  • Vectorworks exports to PDF & EPSF files, which can be converted to high quality TIFF files through Photoshop.
  • This method accurately maintains size ratios for printing.

Advanced export guide using Photoshop

  • EPSF -> TIFF (Best for curves & arc's)
  • PDF -> TIFF

Enabling File Access to the KM-4800w


Accessing the printer

  • You need permission to use this printer.
    Please check with any of the Fine Arts' Media Techs for access (

  • Fine Arts faculty & students drop in print charges are $.75 a linear foot.
    If you are in Theatre this may be covered by course fees.

  • For users who are not Fine Arts Faculty or students, print charges are $1.25 a linear foot

  • 24 & 36 inch 20lb bond paper is available.

Prep printer

  • Wake the printer up using the digital control panel.

Submit file for printing


  • Login in with a provided User Name & Password


  1. Choose the 'WebClient" tab.

  2. Find the folder where your image is stored.
    If your image is on a USB key: look under /volumes/(usbKey)
    If your image is in My_Files: look under /volumes/My_files/

  3. Choose your files and click "Select"

  4. The file should show up in the right column.

  5. Click the  button.