Scanning a single slide with Nikon SF-210

Nikon SF-210 Scanner

Launch Nikon scan-4:

From the dock click on the application folder.

Choose Scanners from the list of different application types:

Select the Nikon Slide Scanner (Nikon Scan 4) from the list.

That should bring up the following window which is your main interface with two distinct parts:

Your Control panel window: enabling you to configure and set up your scan project

Your preview window: letting you preview your slide and choose a bond for your scan project.

Tips: Nikon softwear will not show the Control/Preview window if the device is not properly connected. In that case check the USB connection.

Insert your slide:

Place the single slide scanner module and feed your slide in. You can eject your slide by pressing down on the eject bottom at all times (as shown in the diagram below).


Press preview so that you could get a preview of your slide.

There are also two different tabs presented for processed and natural viewing. Note that this view would efect the final scaned file so for example if you prefer your final scan job to not be processed make sure you are on natural tab.

As the image appears on the preview window select a desirable bond for your final scan by just holding the click and dragging over top of the image. you can repeat the same procedure till you are satisfied with your window.



Now press on scan to finalize your scan project.

After Scanning the desired area you'll notice that another window has pops open ()which gives you the chance to do a final check. Now would be a good place to ask yourself is the generated digital image worth saving into the disk? if the answer is yes go ahead and select save under File on top menu. ()


Save window offers you different option of file types. If space and file size is not a concern you use a non compressed format like TIFF.

The other option is the compressed JPG format.( )

Keep in mind that in this tutorial all the advance features such as scan settings were ignored. checkout more advance tutorial if you are interested.