UVic Fine Arts Media Commons Overview

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All fine arts students, faculty and staff have access to a large inventory of technical equipment that may be signed out and used for class or personal projects.

The Fine Arts Media Commons (media commons for short) is located in the Fine Arts Building, Room 238.

Equipment borrowing privileges are extended to fine arts faculty and staff, and students who are currently enrolled in at least one course in the Faculty of Fine Arts. This includes students enrolled in at least one course offered in visual arts, writing, theatre, music, and/or art history and visual studies.

Borrowers are responsible and finanically liable for University equipment lost, damaged, or stolen while in their care.

Please ask if you have any questions or concerns about this.

If you need demonstrations on any equipment in our inventory, please make an appointment with us. We may also be able to assist you with the use of your own equipment.

Scheduling Information


Students enrolled in fine arts courses have access to equipment when classes commence in September until classes conclude in April.

Hours of Operation

Current drop-off and pick-up hours can be found here: https://finearts.uvic.ca/sim/equipment/

These time slots are critical. Equipment must be returned in the morning so that it is available for pick-up in the afternoon

To pick-up or drop off equipment outside of the designated time slots, you must arrange an alternative time with us in advance.

At no time is it acceptable to leave equipment unattended outside the equipment cage door.

Equipment must stay in the sole possession of the borrower! This means equipment must be picked up and dropped off by the person who checked it out.

Account Set Up

To set up an account, you must read and fill out a Media Equipment Borrowing Agreement. These forms are available in The Fine Arts Media Commons (Fine Arts Room 238).

Once the form is submitted, we will create an account for you in the online booking system so you can book equipment online.

Booking Equipment Online

Our equipment inventory can be found on the online booking system, and we also maintain a library of equipment manuals on the SIM website.

Our equipment inventory includes a wide range of video, photographic, audio, and lighting equipment.

You must book equipment using our online equipment booking system yourself. Staff will not book equipment on your behalf.

This concludes the overview of The Fine Arts Media Commons!

Please watch the tutorial below to learn how to use the online booking system. You will not be able to use the booking system until you've watched the tutorial.


UVic Fine Arts Media Commons Tutorial for Booking Equipment

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Please view this tutorial on a desktop or laptop computer–accompanying images in this slideshow may not be viewable on smaller devices.

You may access our booking system at booking.finearts.uvic.ca or click the link below to open the booking system in a new window and follow along as you go through this slideshow tutorial!

To log in to the online booking system, you will need:

1. Your Netlink Id. Your Netlink ID is the first part of your UVic email address (example@uvic.ca). Do not include “@uvic.ca”.

2. Your initial password will be 1234. You will be prompted to create a unique password when you sign in for the first time.

For your reference, the Media Equipment Borrower’s Agreement is shown upon logging into the booking system.

As noted on this page, late fees are $20 per day, starting at noon on the day equipment is due back.

When equipment comes back late, other bookings are affected, jeopardizing other borrower’s homework assignments, video shoots, group projects, etc.

Always respect return times, or your borrowing privileges may be suspended or revoked.

Plus, you know, karma

To continue to the booking system, click “Agree

The currently logged-on user is displayed on the top left corner.

The resource filter is at the top of the page. Use the drop-down menu here to select resources by type.

The booking calendar allows you to select the dates you would like to sign out equipment.

A list of resources from our inventory are listed to the left of the booking calendar.

Tip: Click on the blue info icon beside any resource for a equipment description and a list of what’s included with it.

A colour key in the bottom left corner of this page defines the equipment booking status of each date.

Please note: blue means your booking is still in progress. Your booking will appear green once the reservation is saved in the system.

You may pick up and return equipment on any of the white days, these are days media commons is open. You may book up to two weeks in advance.

To book something, simply locate the equipment on the list, then click on the date you’d like to pick up the equipment.

After clicking on a date, you will be presented with the booking dialogue.

Edit the “from” and “to” dates as needed, booking up to 3 of the available dates on the calendar at a time.

DO NOT alter the time settings.

Click “Save“.

Now you can see your in-progress booking shown in blue.

After you have booked all the equipment you require, click the “Save Reservation” button in the bottom right corner of the page. If you’re using a smartphone, you’ll need to scroll to the very bottom right corner to find this button!

Your saved reservation will show in green.

Please DO NOT create back-to-back bookings in the system.

To request an equipment renewal, email “fineartsequip@uvic.ca”. Please note: renewals depend on demand, and are not guaranteed. Always be prepared to return equipment on time!

Click on the “Upcoming” tab to confirm  you have booked everything you need, and that all the dates are correct.

If you no longer need something, click the “X” to remove it. This will free up that resource for other borrowers to book.

Once you’re finished making your equipment booking, click “Log out“.

Tip: If you would like to edit or delete an existing booking, click on that booking in the “Upcoming” tab and use the booking dialogue to make changes.

You will receive booking courtesy reminders, and late equipment notices by email.

These automated messages are sent from the booking system. Use “fineartsequip@uvic.ca” to email us directly if you have any inquiries.

Remember: pick-up times can be found here https://finearts.uvic.ca/sim/equipment/. Equipment is typically not available for pick-up in the morning during the return time slot as it will likely be with another user.


Media commons can be busy, so allow at least 20 minutes time to pick-up your equipment. Be prepared to allow a moment for us to go through equipment with you and ensure all the components are present for equipment pick-up’s and drop-off’s.

If you require instruction or guidance for your gear, please make an appointment in advance.

When you return your gear, we will expect:

  • You return the equipment yourself
  • You return the equipment on time
  • You have allowed time for us to review the equipment with you before you leave
  • Equipment is correctly stored and cables are coiled
  • You have already uploaded and deleted SD card data
  • Batteries are fully charged
  • All accessories are present (USB cables, lens cap, etc.)
  • Full disclosure of any missing or damaged equipment


As stated in our borrowing agreement, you must advise us of any damaged or missing components when returning equipment. 

Remember: borrowers are financially liable for any equipment lost, stolen, or damaged while in their care.

Please ask us in advance if you have any questions about this.

When you pick up your gear, you can expect:

  • SD cards are erased and empty
  • Batteries are charged
  • All equipment accessories are in the kit
  • Cables are properly coiled and the kit is tidy

This concludes our booking system tutorial!

Please get in touch if you have any questions.