• All users must be conducting research projects or other academic activities (as defined by the Dean of Fine Arts and the Fine Arts Computing Advisory Committee) and have prior permission to use the facilities.
  • Permission to use the facilities is non-transferable.
  • Computing privileges are not to be used for commercial gain. The use of privileges for commercial gain is in violation of the University’s licence agreements. Violators could face severe penalties.
  • Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted anywhere within the facilities.
  • No student shall use the facilities without supervision.
  • No loitering.
  • No one will tamper with the operating, security, or accounting systems.
  • No one will copy proprietary software.
  • Only registered software will be used.
  • No one will interfere with other users or attempt to obtain access to another account without the express permission of the rightful user.
  • No one will distribute or maintain offensive or abusive material (as defined by the University of Victoria).
  • Excessive use of computer time, storage or any other facility resource is strictly prohibited.

All users will be assigned individual accounts and are responsible for all activities executed within their account. Do not disclose your password to anyone. The System Administrator reserves the right to examine the contents of all accounts without notice. Under some circumstances users may be asked to take measures to help the overall system performance (such as deleting excess files). Please comply promptly with these requests. Persons who violate any of these rules will be denied access to the Fine Arts Computing Facilities. Anyone guilty of serious or repeated offenses will be referred to the University Disciplinary Committee

Faculty of Fine Arts; Fine Arts Advisory Committee – 1999

We have seating outside room 215 for eating and drinking.