The Red Hat


The SIM operations are overseen by five permanent full time staff who specialize in everything from network architecture and web design to electronic publishing, film making, photography and professional audio production. Our permanent staff and their departmental affiliations are:


Department Name E-mail Phone
Fine Arts David Broome 250-721-6307
Fine Arts Michael Huston 250-721-7313
(CEL) 361-6067
Visual Arts Cliff Haman 250-472-5310
Writing Daniel Hogg 250-721-7305


Red Hats

Additionally we hire UVic students through the Work Study Program to serve as lab supervisors, whom we collectively and affectionately refer to as ‘Red Hats’.

Our supervisors are usually found lurking near the highly identifiable red hat (shown above) - which is often perched atop their workstation. These helpful people are available to assist you with all things technical in the lab. Please seek them out and ask questions, should you have any.

Students interested in applying to work as a Lab Supervisor should contact Mike Huston at the contact information above.