Booking Policy

Fine Arts Studios for Integrated Media Booking Policy

The Fine Arts Studios for Integrated Media (the SIM) has two teaching spaces available for booking. FIA 215 is equipped with 26 stations and FIA 236 has 13. Both rooms have projectors for overhead display for the instructor’s station or another input such as an instructors laptop.

Requests to run semester long CLASSES in the SIM can be scheduled at any time such that one of the two SIM teaching spaces remain open for drop-in access. SEMINARS and WORKSHOPS ie usually cases of 4 or less meetings, can also be booked on a casual basis during the day as needed.

To submit a booking request to hold a CLASS the following information needs to be submitted to SIM's Scheduling coordinator (David Broome) before submitting timetable submissions to Academic Scheduling:

Class Name and session, Time and number of sessions required in the SIM, the number of Students and the needs of the class. The need of the class includes use of standard equipment such as software as well as activities planned such as printing, scanning, equipment loaning requirements, a "Class Files" folder and a "DropBox" for electronic file submission. A schedule and description of class projects is also requested to aid in planning the resources for the multiple courses we support

The booking of SEMINARS and WORKSHOPS should be done at least a week in advance to SIM's Scheduling coordinator (David Broome). Please provide as much information as possible for us to prepare for your time.