Equipment Cage

Students enrolled in courses from the Faculty of Fine Arts have access to a large inventory of digital media production equipment that may be signed out and used for either class or personal projects. Students are fully responsible for all equipment they sign out. Instruction and demonstrations are available upon request when booked in advance.

Equipment hoursOnline booking

Tutorials & FAQs

Users new to the equipment cage and online booking system must set up an account and watch two tutorials before accessing the system.

To set up the account, go to the Equipment Cage (FIA 238 – hours listed below) with your UVic OneCard and ask to set up an account. You will fill out a Media Equipment Borrowing Agreement, the text of which is duplicated here:

The tutorials are located here:

Note that some equipment requires training prior to booking.

We also have an FAQ page.


Pick up & return hours

Equipment can only be signed out during the afternoon times (green) and returned during the morning times (red). If you attempt to pick up equipment during the morning return period, there is no guarantee your equipment will be available or that staff will have availability to facilitate your pick up.

Note: the equipment room is closed on  Wednesdaysweekends and statutory holidays. Always plan ahead for your equipment needs.

eMail: or call: 250-721-7310.

Equipment available to borrow


  • DSLR / SLR cameras & lenses
  • Camcorders
  • VR 360 cameras
  • Tripods for video work and still photography
  • Pipe dolly & track


  • Digital audio recorders
  • Condenser microphones, shotgun microphone kits and booms

Lighting & Grip

  • Tungsten Lighting kits & softboxes (training required)
  • Sand bags, apple boxes, c-stands, and flags
  • Bounces, diffusion, gels
  • 5′ x 7′ collapsable blue/green screen


  • Digital projectors
  • Overhead projectors
  • Slide projectors
  • Cables, adapters, clickers