Students, do you need a fascinating elective for Winter 2022? Fine Arts has you covered, no matter what your faculty or area of study. While we’re offering dozens of electives, we’re highlighting these four as they’re open to all students across campus.

The Ongoing Art of Resistance

There couldn’t be a better time for this new course taught by acclaimed artist & Visual Arts / Art History & Visual Studies professor Carey Newman: “The Ongoing Art of Resistance: Decolonization Through Indigenous Resurgence”.

From the music of Buffy Sainte-Marie & the art of Kent Monkman to the films of Alanis Obomsawin and so many others, you’ll explore how Indigenous artists continue resistance within local, national & international contexts.

Better still, you’ll be learning with one of Victoria’s leading multi-disciplinary artists & master carvers—the creator of the acclaimed Witness Blanket installation.

The Ongoing Art of Resistance: AHVS 392 A04 • CRN 24121
runs 2:30-5:30pm Thursdays, starting Jan 2022

(Image: Andy Everson)

Exploring arts & technology

Interested in exploring immersive & augmented experiences? Check out our new Arts & Technology elective run by noted intermedia artist Christine Swintak.

From virtual exhibitions & livestream performances to geolocation, projector mapping, virtual/augmented reality, immersive media installations & data-driven practices, this practice-oriented seminar will dive into immersive & augmented experiences in both art and society.

Arts & Technology II: FA 346 A01 • CRN 2410
10-11:20am Mon/Thurs starting Jan 2022

Evolution of comics

How did early 20th century comic strips evolve into the sophisticated graphic novels we have today? 

Journey from Milton Caniff’s classic adventure strip “Terry & the Pirates” to Alison Bechdel’s landmark lesbian memoir “Fun Home” via artists like Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, Will Eisner, Charles Schultz, Robert Crumb, Lynda Barry, Darwin Cooke, Chris Ware & so many more.

You’ll even have the option of creating your own comic in this course taught by local artist Peter Sandmark.

Comic Strips to Graphic Novels: AHVS 392 A02  • CRN: 20075 • 4:30-7:20pm Mondays

Suppressed music

Explore the greatest music you’ve never heard and discover how first-rate composers were suppressed under Third Reich and Communist regimes during the 20th century.

By listening to music and watching films, plus readings & in-class discussions, you’ll explore issues of antisemitism, racism, exile, imprisonment and cultural dispersion/immigration.

You’ll also discover the surprising role of music in internment & concentration camps, all with School of Music professor Suzanne Snizek.

Issues in Suppressed Music: MUS 391 A01 • CRN 22241
2:30-5:20pm Wednesdays starting Jan 2022