Are you ready to “add sprinkles” to the UVic experience on Giving Tuesday on December 1?

Giving Tuesday is a global celebration of philanthropy that inspires people to support their favourite causes in any way they can. At UVic, Giving Tuesday is where small acts of philanthropy add up to make a big difference to our campus, students and community—much like sprinkles being added to a cookie or cupcake.

UVic has been celebrating Giving Tuesday for a number of years now, with more than $250,000 raised overall—last year alone saw over 3,300 people in our campus and alumni community raise over $167,000! 

Just visit UVic’s Giving Tuesday page to help us reach this year’s goal—donations run from midnight November 30 to 11:59pm on December 1.


Fine Arts Student Community Impact Award

We are looking for 25 Giving Tuesday donors to the Community Impact Award—five for each of our five innovative Fine Arts departments. And thanks to a generous matching gift, if we reach this goal, we will unlock an additional $500 for the award!

We’re asking you to show what UVic means to you by donating or unlocking dollars (through participating in games and challenges) for the Giving Tuesday fund of your choice. This year, working with faculties and departments across campus, UVic has identified 20 Giving Tuesday Priority Funds that range from supporting health and wellness to COVID-19 research, social justice and community outreach programs. 

Anyone can take part through a variety of ways—through donating, playing the online games and engaging on social media—that will help us reach our fundraising and participation goals.

Theatre students brought live performance to an arts-starved Victoria this summer with Theatre SKAM’s portable play projects


How it works

🔍 PLAY: Campus Quest – RBC Temple of Generosity. To celebrate Giving Tuesday, world famous UVic Alumni, Dr. Phil Anthropist has announced they’ve hidden a treasure on campus and is challenging students to locate it. UVic students have just 24 hours to work together to unlock up to $5,500 in donations before the Temple of Generosity disappears forever!

BUY COFFEE: Pick up a java at Boardwalk café or Starbucks on campus between 8am & noon and UVic Food Services will donate $1 from drip or $2 from specialty to UVic’s Giving Tuesday funds. (Or simply add a $2 donation to your order!)

🤳 SHARE: #AddSprinklesUVic Using this hashtag on your social media posts will unlock $2 donation from the UVic Alumni Association.

⏱️ DONATE: There are over 20 funds to choose from. Any gift, big or small, will make a difference and help us reach our fundraising and participation goals.

💌 GIVING GRAMS: Spread sprinkles by sending a gift – a donation to the UVic fund of the recipient’s choice – along with a message of gratitude or positivity to a friend, colleague, or individual. Every Giving Gram sent will unlock funds from a sponsor to support the UVSS Food Bank & Free Store.

🔑  UNLOCK: Check out the 24-hr challenges to see how your gift can unlock up to $48k and double or triple your impact.


What the heck is “add sprinkles” anyway?

If you’ve ever wondered what “adding sprinkles” is all about, current Department of Theatre student Justin Little invites you to follow along as he makes delicious sprinkle cookies, all the while explaining the university budget and how donations—particularly donations made on Giving Tuesday—are so important to UVic.

Bottom line, it all comes down to you—our students have a long history of doing good work in the community, but we’d like to continue to support them through this new award.

Remember, any donations big or small made through UVic’s Giving Tuesday page will help us reach this year’s goal. You’ve only got one day to #AddSprinkles!