Nothing says the holidays quite like a quiz—whether it’s focused on movies, carols or the roots of traditions, a holiday quiz has become a staple for most people. With that in mind, the annual Art History & Visual Studies Christmas Quiz is back to challenge your visual knowledge.

Created by AHVS chair Marcus Milwright, this third Christmas Quiz follows the same format as the previous incarnations:

  • each of the eight slides shows a composite made up of four different images
  • each image comes with a question you’ll have to answer (name of the artist, subject of the painting, title of the film, and so on)
  • follow the instructions and select one letter from each answer, which will form a word solution
  • all the correct words are employed in art history and manuscript studies
  • the names of all artists are in the forms they are most commonly found in art historical publications

Once you have completed the quiz — or as much of it as you can — write the completed words on a postcard with your name and contact email, then drop your postcard into the Christmas Quiz box in the Art History and Visual Studies department main office by January 7, 2019 (Room 151 of the Fine Arts building).

Download a PDF of the AHVS Christmas Quiz here.

This quiz is open to all UVic students, regardless of department, and you may compete as teams (but only one postcard submission per team). There will be a main prize for the winner, as well as two runner-up prizes. Winners will be announced on January 11, 2019.

Good luck!