For 19 years now, graduate students of the Art History & Visual Studies department have been planning, organizing and mounting their own annual symposium to showcase the kind of dynamic research they’ve been undertaking. And they’re back again this year with Visual Impetus XIX: “Artistry & Creativity: Environments. Materials. Objects.”

VIposter2016Running 4-7:30pm Friday, Jan 22 and 9am – 4pm Saturday, Jan 23 in room 103 of the Fine Arts building, Visual Impetus XIX provides important opportunities for grad students to present their research to peers and faculty alike, as well as providing a supportive forum to develop their presentation skills.

This weekend event, which also features a poster fair on Friday night as well as numerous presentation panels, welcomes both Dr. Susan Lewis, Acting Dean of Fine Arts, and Dr Dennine Dudley as guest speakers. All students, faculty and community members are welcome.

Here’s the weekend schedule:

Friday, January 22

4pm – Opening remarks by Dr. Susan Lewis

Panel 1: Fashioning Identity: Family; Society; Self.

4:05 pm – Panel introduction by Brian Pollick

4:10 pm – Alexandra Macdonald (MA Candidate): “Understanding the Importance of Gossip and Rumor: Johan Zoffany’s The Gore Family with George, Third Earl Cowper”

4:25 pm  – Kristen Matulewicz (MA Candidate): “And Down She Lay: Decoding The Lady of Shalott in Victorian Society”

4:40 pm – Christine Oldridge (MA Candidate)” “Sensuality, Decorum, and Self-fashioning in the Art of Rosalba Carriera”

4:55 pm – Question period / 5:10 pm – 10 minute break

Panel 2: Symbols and Emblems through History

5:20 pm – Panel introduction by Jaiya Anka

5:25 pm – Alicia Hagy (MA Candidate): “Post-War Tides: Situating Iannis Xenakis in the Rebetiko Revival”

5:40 pm – David Christopher (PhD Candidate) “Apocalyptic Impulses in Canadian Art”

5:50 pm – Question period

6:05 pm – Art History and Visual Studies Graduate Association, Logo Launch by Jaiya Anka

6:15 pm – Closing Remarks by Christine Oldridge

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm – Poster fair, popcorn, & pizza

Saturday, January 23

9:00 am – Pastry and Coffee Reception

Panel 3: Sensory Reception Beyond the Object

9:30 am – Opening remarks and Panel introduction by David Christopher

9:35 am – Bailey Arnholz (MA Candidate): “Can Death Speak? An Exploration of the Voices of Images in the Medieval Art of the Macabre”

9:50 am – Françoise Keating (MA Candidate): “Emblems and Proverbs: Moral Humanistic Allegories for Tapestry Makers in Manuscript 2446”

10:05 am – Susan Hawkins (PhD Candidate): “Ceci n’est pas une Pomme: The Illustrated Apple”

10:20 am – Question Period / 10:35 am – 10 minute break

Panel 4: Textual Identity and Visual Communication

10:45 am – Panel introduction by Alexandra Macdonald

10:50 am – Zahra Kazani (PhD Candidate): “Rethinking the ‘Religious’ in the Arts: Examining the Development of the Early Qur’an as an Art Object”

11:05 am – Atri Hatef (PhD Candidate): “Pseudo-Arabic Scripts in European Art (1300-1600 AD): Legible Words or Symbolic Signs?”

11:20 am – Dana Harold (MA Candidate): “Graffiti or Street Art? The Importance of Terminology when Classifying Graffiti and Street Art in Cairo, Egypt”

11:35 am – Question Period / 11:50 pm – Lunch

1:00 pm – Keynote introduction by Alicia Hagy

1:05 pm – Dr. Dennine Dudley (Continuing Sessional Instructor): “Creating Environments: My Path to Process”

1:25 pm – Question period

Panel 5: Eastern Encounters

1:40 pm – Panel introduction by Françoise Keating

1:45 pm – Jenelle Pasiechnik (MA Graduate): “Assembling Oh Persepolis II: The Simultaneity of Tradition and Modernity in Parviz Tanavoli’s Monumental Bronze Sculpture”

2:00 pm – Brian Pollick (PhD Candidate): “The Club of Kings: The Role of Luxurious Material Culture in the Mission of William of Rubruck to the Mongols”

2:15 pm – Question period / 2:30 pm – 10 minute break

Panel 6: Spirituality and Philosophy in Landscape, Architecture and Artisanal Communities

2:40 pm – Panel introduction by Kristen Matulewicz

2:45 pm – Yang Liu (PhD Candidate): “Chinese Subjectivity: The Comparative Study of Daoism, Phenomenology and Object-Oriented Ontology through the Lens of Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting”

3:00 pm – Astara Light (PhD Candidate): “Movement and Meaning: Intersections between Balinese Temples and Indian Sacred Architecture”

3:15 pm – Fahimeh Ghorbani (MA Graduate): “Kasbnama-yi Bafandegi (Weaving kasbnama); Doctrine of Jawanmardi/futuwwa and Artisanal Culture in Safavid Iran”

3:30 pm   – Question period

3:45 pm – ARTiculate introduction: the Graduate Student Journal of Art History and Visual Studies

3:55 pm – Closing Remarks by Christine Oldridge

4:00 pm – Closing Remarks by Dr. Erin Campbell, Art History & Visual Studies Chair