Fresh in from the BC Arts Council is news of their new pilot program to support the development of artists and arts administrators across the province—but, there’s a January 20, 2014 deadline. Read on to find out if you fit the criteria.

BC-Arts-Council-fullThe BC Arts Council’s Early Career Development Program will help bridge the gap for emerging artists and practitioners, supporting their ability to work as artists and cultural workers, while building their body of work, portfolio, professional exposure and/or career experience through residency, internship and mentorship opportunities. This program is accessible to both individual artists and organizations.  Individuals can apply for the residencies or mentorship components.

The program will support the career development of B.C.-based early career and emerging practitioners through three components:

  • Component I: Internships
  • Component II: Residencies
  • Component III: Mentorships

For the purposes of this program, early career and emerging artists and arts practitioners are defined as artists and practitioners who either:

  • Are under the age of 30; or
  • Have less than five years professional experience since the completion of basic training in their discipline.

This pilot program is being launched through the BC Creative Futures strategy. Announced January 2013, BC Creative Futures supports opportunities for youth in communities throughout British Columbia to engage in the arts and creative thinking and encourages young people to pursue creative careers.

The application deadline is January 20, 2014.  For more information, including program guidelines, application forms and FAQs, please visit the BC Arts Council website.

If you have any questions about these programs, please contact the BC Arts Council at 250-356-1718 or