As one of Canada’s leading research universities, the University of Victoria is home to a wealth of world-class expertise across a broad range of disciplines. More than 800 faculty researchers are at the forefront of discovery—on everything from aging to music to zoology and sculpture—and are working with community, government and business partners to turn that new knowledge into action.

Who are these researchers? What do they study? And how is their work relevant to our lives? Find out in the newly launched “Faces of UVic Research” video series, in which individual researchers give a short and succinct “elevator pitch” on their work—in everyday language—that quickly gets to the heart of what they do and why it matters.

Sixty short one-minute videos have now been released on UVic’s YouTube channel, and Fine Arts is well-represented in this first batch by the likes of Lorna Crozier, Maureen Bradley and David Leach (Writing), Warwick Dobson and Conrad Alexandrowicz (Theatre), Daniel Laskarin (Visual Arts), Marcus Milwright (History in Art) & Andrew Schloss (Music).

The ongoing video series is aimed at anyone wanting to learn more about the depth, breadth and impact of UVic’s research talent, particularly prospective students and faculty, public and private sector funders, and the news media. The videos are searchable by name and area of expertise, so take a few minutes and check out what your campus colleagues are working on.

“We’re very excited about this video series,” says Dr. Howard Brunt, UVic’s vice-president research. “Successful research depends on energy, creativity and passion, as well as a genuine commitment to making a difference. You’ll see these qualities in abundance in these videos.”

Stay tuned for more videos in the future—and if you’re keen to be included in the next series, be sure to drop Fine Arts Communications guy John Threlfall a note with some details on your area of research and your availability over the next few months.