Click on the link to watch Lynne Van Luven discuss In The Flesh

In advance of the Sunday, April 29, local launch of the new essay collection, In the Flesh: Twenty Writers Explore the Body, co-editor and Associate Dean Lynne Van Luven has now done a video talking about the finer points of the collection. “We have writers writing about the womb, the penis, the ass . . . how they feel about their inner organs,” says Van Luven. “We don’t have a complete body in this book, because we only have 20 writers—but what we do have is a really unusual take on being human.”

Featuring the cross-Canadian likes of writers Taiaiake Alfred, Dede Crane, Candace Fertile, Julian Gunn, Margaret Thompson, Brian Brett, Lorna Crozier plus Van Luven and co-editor Kathy Page, In the Flesh offers a series of candid essays that allows each author to focus on one part of the body, and explore not only its function and meanings, but also the role it has played in his or her life.

The local launch starts at 2:30pm on Sunday, April 29, at the Fernwood Yoga Den, 1311 Gladstone. Van Luven, Page and Gunn will be on CBC Radio One’s North By Northwest arts & culture show on the weekend of April 28-29 (show airs 6-9am Saturday & Sunday), and Van Luven will also be on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter with Sheilagh Rogers on May 21, with a repeat broadcast on May 26.

Published by Brindle & Glass, copies of In the Flesh will also be available at Sunday’s reading.