“Community is as much an action as an area,” says Writing prof David Leach in his fascinating 15-minute TEDx Victoria talk, Kibbutzing Your ‘Hood. Drawing from his own experiences living on a kibbutz in Israel back in his 20s, Leach spins a compelling case for how lessons learned from the kibbutz experience can empower communities today, be they urban or rural, suburban or downtown, existent or created. He also explores the link between kibitzing (what he deems “the power of positive gossip in our community”) and the kibbutz.

Part of the TEDx Victoria’s “Cultivating Evolution” day—which also included a talk by UVic psychology prof Jim Tanaka—Leach’s thought about community perfectly fit into the overall program. Take some time to listen to this engaging and entertaining presentation by one of the bright lights of the Fine Arts faculty.