Was this one of your Great Moments? Let us know!

The deadline is coming up fast for the Great Moments call. (In case you’ve been on sabbatical and missed the word, UVic is on the hunt for 50 Great Moments to celebrate our upcoming 50th anniversary in 2012/13.) And, of course, we want to make sure that Fine Arts is well-represented in those Great Moments.

What makes a Great Moment? Well, it can be anything truly notable—big capital letter  things like the creation of the Faculty of Fine Arts, say, or more lyrical events like the Lafayette String Quartet being named artists-in-residence at the School of Music. Perhaps it’s the founding of the History in Art department, the long evolution of the Phoenix Theatre from tiny hut to academic complex, W.P. Kinsella writing the first draft of Shoeless Joe (which became Field of Dreams) in his Writing classes, or the construction of the Visual Arts building. Really, it can be anything from a campus development to an individual or team achievement . . . and it would really help if there was a picture to go with it!

We’ve got until January 20 to submit our list, so if you have any Great Moments spanning UVic’s 1962-2012 history, be sure to contact johnt@uvic.ca with the details no later than January 15.