Daniel Laskarin is reviewed in this issue of Sculpture

The work of Visual Arts chair Daniel Laskarin has made it into the pages of Sculpture magazine. The current issue features Rachel Rosenfield Lafo’s review of Laskarin’s 10-year survey exhibit, Agnostic Objects (things persist), which was on view at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria earlier this year. “The sculptures intrigue yet mystify, their meanings open-ended and seemingly just out of reach,” writes Rosenfield Lafo. “They demand close and repeated looking.”

Laskarin’s work is reviewed alongside some impressive international contemporaries, including Andy Goldsworthy, Arne Quinze, Donald Judd, Betye Saar, Sook Jin Jo, Rosalyn Driscoll, Ronald Bladen, Jim Campbell and John Clement.

Laskarin’s “Packing the Fleece and Trapping Owls”

Clearly impressed by what she saw, Rosenfield Lafo notes, “Like the writings of Samuel Beckett . . . Laskarin’s sculpture eludes the possibility of exact meaning.” The review also included a photo of Laskarin’s piece, “Packing the Fleece and Trapping Owls” (2006-10, powder-coated aluminum, steel, rope and moving blanket).

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In conclusion, Rosenfield Lafo says, “Ultimately, Laskarin’s inscrutable objects succeed because they demand an intellectual and a physical response from the viewer, exercising both brain and body.”

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