A scene from Une Memoire Courte

A scene from Une Memoire Courte

Third-year Department of Writing student Katherine Walkiewicz’s 20-minute movie, Une Mémoire Courte, has been accepted in the Short Film Corner, a showcase of international work by emerging filmmakers at the Cannes International Film Festival. A fictional drama about whether or not a young couple is truly in love, Une Mémoire Courte was created as a term project for her International Film Writing course this year and was selected by a jury presided over by acclaimed director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

“A few years ago Canadian [director] Xavier Dolan’s first feature film was shown at Cannes,” says 22-year-old Walkiewicz, who plans to continue in film after graduation. “He’s a year younger than me, and it made me realize that if you have the motivation and will, age is no reason to prohibit you from striving to create serious cinematic work, having high artistic values and professional ambition.”

Katherine Walkiewicz (photo by Stephanie Fisher)

While at Cannes, Walkiewicz will be attending workshops for young directors, as well as watching movies, before heading to Lyon to begin work on her second film. “France has such a rich tradition of cinema, and I’m sure the experience will be especially fascinating as a film studies student. To be able to see the films in competition, made by the real artists of contemporary cinema, will be watching film history unfold.”

The Short Film Corner runs May 11 to 22.