Awards and Honours

The Faculty of Fine Arts is proud to honour the achievements of so many of our teaching faculty,
and to acknowledge that pure research and creative activity is funded variously by SSHRC,
the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council, various arts organizations and our valued donors.

Order of Canada

Lorna Crozier (Writing, retired), Patrick Lane (Writing, retired), Jack Hodgins (Writing, retired)

Governor General’s Award

Tim Lilburn (Writing), Sandra Meigs (Visual Arts), Joan MacLeod (Writing), Kevin Kerr (Writing),
Kim Adams (Visual Arts, alumnus), Arleen Paré (Writing, alumna), Lorna Crozier (Writing, retired),
Patrick Lane (Writing, retired)

Royal Society Canada

Fellows: Benjamin Butterfield (Music), Mary Kerr (Theatre), Harald Krebs (Music), Tim Lilburn (Writing), Joan MacLeod (Writing), Sandra Meigs (Visual Arts)
College member: Dániel Péter Biró (Music)
Medal winner: Jack Hodgins (Writing, retired)

Canada Research Chairs

Allan Antliff (Art History & Visual Studies), Robert Youds (Visual Arts)

Craigdarroch Research Award

Benjamin Butterfiled (Music), Bill Gaston (Writing), Harald Krebs (Music), Lorna Crozier (Writing, retired), Marcus Milwright (Art History & Visual Studies), Suzanne Snizek (Music), and the members of the Lafayette String Quartet (Music):
Ann Elliott-Goldschmid , Pamela  Highbaugh Aloni, Sharon Stanis & Joanna Hood

REACH Awards

Paul Walde (Visual Arts)

Suzanne Snizek (Music)

Siminovich Prize

Joan MacLeod (Writing)

Harvard’s Radcliffe College and the Banting Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Dániel Péter Biró (Music)

Guggenheim Fellows

Dániel Péter Biró (Music), Mowry Baden (Visual Arts, Professor Emeritus)


Tim Lilburn (Writing, faculty) – 2017 European Medal of Poetry and Art Homer Prize

Astara Light (Art History & Visual Studies, PhD candidate) – 2016 Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies

Keenan Mittag-Degala (Music, student) – Concerto Competition winner, 2015

Maureen Bradley (Writing, faculty) – Special Jury Prize, 2015 Reeling: Chicago International LGBTQ+ Film Festival for Two 4 One

Erin Shirreff (Visual Arts, alumna) – 2013 Aimia | AGO Photography Prize

Robert Youds (Visual Arts, faculty) – Canada Council Grant

David Leach (Writing, faculty) – Canada Council Grant

Erin Campbell (Art History & Visual Studies, faculty) –  Internal Research Grant, Learning & Teaching Curriculum Development Grant

Maureen Bradley (Writing, faculty) – CFI, BC Arts Council, Superchannel

Bill Gaston (Writing, faculty) – BC Arts Council

Lynne Van Luven (Writing, faculty) – 2015 University of Saskatchewan Alumni Achievement Award

Janet Munsil (Theatre, alumna) – 2014 Governor General’s Literary Award nominee, That Elusive Spark, 2014

Bill Gaston (Writing, faculty) – 2014 Governor General’s Literary Award nominee, Juliet Was A Surprise

Garth Martens (Writing, alumnus ) – 2014 Governor General’s Literary Award nominee, Prologue for the Age of Consequence

Arno Kopecky (Writing, alumnus) – 2014 Governor General’s Literary Award nominee, The Oil Man and the Sea

Susan Lewis Hammond (Music, faculty) – Music in the Baroque World: History, Culture, and Performance (Routledge, 2015)

Cedric Bomford (Visual Arts, faculty) – Deadhead (BAF and Other Sights, 2015)

Allana Lindgren (Theatre, faculty) – The Modernist World (Routledge, 2015)

Frances Backhouse (Writing, MFA alumna & instructor) – Once They Were Hats: In Search of the Mighty Beaver (ECW, 2015)

Annabel Howard (Writing, MFA candidate) – This Is Kandinsky (Laurence King, 2015)

Lee Henderson (Writing, faculty) – The Road Narrows As You Go (Hamish Hamilton, 2014)

Bill Gaston (Writing, faculty) – Juliet Was A Surprise (Hamish Hamilton, 2014)

Allan Antliff (Art History & Visual Studies, faculty) – Joseph Beuys (Phaidon Press, 2014)

Andrew Schloss & the Lafayette String Quartet (Music, faculty) – “The Space Between Us: For 8 strings, and robotic percussion instruments,” New Music USA in Seattle, March 2016

Peter McGuire (Theatre, faculty) – Wild Honey, Phoenix Theatre in Victoria, February 2016

Jennifer Stillwell (Visual Arts, faculty) – “Baleful,” Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto, February 2016

Joan MacLeod (Writing, faculty) – The Valley, Belfry Theatre in Victoria, February 2016

Sandra Meigs (Visual Arts, faculty) – “What is the Mind of the Mystic,” Winchester Galleries in Victoria, February 2016

Hjalmer Wenstob (Visual Arts,  MFA candidate) – “Emerging Through the Fog: Tsa-qwa-supp and Tlehpik – Together,” Legacy Gallery in Victoria, February 2016

Dániel Péter Biró (Music, faculty) – “Kivrot HaTa’avah (Graves of Craving) Version II,” Festival Átlátszó Hang in Budapest Hungary, and Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik in Graz Austria, January 2016

Vikky Alexander (Visual Arts, faculty) – “Haunting Holbein,” TrépanierBaer Gallery in Calgary, January 2016