About UVic’s Faculty of Fine Arts

Ever wonder where the pot of gold really rests? In the Faculty of Fine Arts, of course! (photo: Sarah Blackstone)

Unique in British Columbia, UVic’s Faculty of Fine Arts is the province’s only stand-alone fine arts faculty. We welcome over 1,200 undergraduate and graduate students each year to our five departments — History in Art, School of Music, Theatre, Visual Arts and Writing — and, through the Dean’s Office, we also offer interdisciplinary courses ranging from cultural issues to technology, as well as our Studios for Integrated Media. We also have the third-largest aboriginal enrollment on campus, and offer the most scholarships and bursaries of any UVic faculty.

Anchored by more than 150 instructors — including internationally acclaimed artists, writers, musicians, actors, directors, designers and filmmakers — Fine Arts is housed in four major buildings. We have a large number of music and theatre performances throughout the year, as well as art exhibitions, readings, film screenings and public lectures by world-class visiting scholars. For more than 40 years, the Faculty of Fine Arts has been a proud partner and participant in Victoria’s greater cultural scene and offers our students a chance to learn and grown from seasoned professionals, as well as our immensely supportive group of alumni. Our passion for the arts is matched only by our dedication to teaching, research and creative work.

Question? Contact the Fine Arts communications officer, John Threlfall, at 250-721-6222 or via finearts@uvic.ca. We’re also on Facebook and our Twitter feed is @uvic_finearts.