Adopt a Steinway piano at UVic

If you love music of any description—orchestral or vocal—you could do nothing more powerful to bolster our School of Music programmes than support the purchase of our new Steinways by "adopting a piano." We need your donation to help create a legacy of continuing excellence for generations to come.

The UVic School of Music has become Canada’s very first all-Steinway school. We have acquired 63 new Steinway pianos – 49 uprights for practice rooms and faculty offices , 13 grand pianos for each of our piano teaching faculty and rehearsal halls, and one simply beautiful Steinway Concert Grand. Every music lover and every concert goer can appreciate the beauty and quality of these incredible instruments.

Why Steinways? Why now?

  • UVic leads the nation and has raised the profile of the School of Music around the world

  • UVic believes our exceptional students deserve great equipment to reach their potential now—and so, on a leap of faith, UVic acted

  • The School of Music increasingly attracts the best and brightest students, and has created a rich, competitive environment to encourage, stimulate and challenge all students towards success

We hope you will join a dedicated group of music lovers in Victoria who are helping our young music students succeed and excel. Gifts to the Steinway project – no matter how small - are gratefully received and will help us reach our goal of $440,000.

For the sum of $10,000 (Boston Upright), $25,000 (Boston Grand) or $50,000 (Steinway Grand), you and your family can "Adopt A Piano." A permanent plaque will be mounted on your piano to record this unique donation for generations to come.

Carolyn Taylor

"Playing a beautiful instrument can build up one's sense of musicianship and self-confidence . . . instead of fighting the piano to produce the dynamics and tone I want, the Steinways are responsive and work with me to bring the music to life. When I'm not worrying about whether or not the next note is going to sound properly, my mind is more relaxed and free to think about the shape of phrases, voicings and the overall character of the piece. A beautiful piano allows me to be a musician, instead of a technician."

Carolyn Taylor,
Music student

Ashley Cumming

“I see in the students a newfound understanding of what it means to be a student of UVic, and a realization of the prestige and worthy reputation of a UVic degree. This truly confirms the strength and quality of the UVic program and we now have the tools to show the world what we are made of.”

Ashley Cumming
Graduate student

Dr. Sarah J. Blackstone, Dean

Please help us reach our goal of $440,000 for these exceptional pianos. The effects of your support will be transformative for our students and far-reaching for the music world, and Victoria will have the great pleasure of hearing talented artists work with superior instruments for many years to come.

"The 63 new Steinway pianos are a remarkable investment in the future of UVic music students, as well as in the future of Canadian culture. These exceptional young musicians deserve to learn and perform on the very best pianos available.”

Dr. Sarah J. Blackstone, Dean
Faculty of Fine Arts