One might say that all students in the School are theory majors. Theory is a core component of all degree programs for the Bachelor of Music; our undergraduates take theory courses during each year of study. These courses enable them to acquire analytical, compositional, and aural skills that are important for performers, composers, teachers, and scholars of music alike.

Our theory courses help students prepare for the following careers:

  • Music theorist
  • Composer
  • Performer
  • Music teacher in public and private schools
  • Music studio teacher
  • Music publisher

Our faculty members in music theory offer a range of research specializations that include new music, jazz, chant, nineteenth-century music, rhythm and meter, and the German Lied.

Course Calendar

For information about the specific course requirements of our undergraduate program, please see the UVic Calendar for required courses for the Major in Composition and Theory.

Theory Materials

Entering undergraduate students preparing for theory placement tests and/or challenge exams, please see our theory materials.


Dániel Péter Biró
MFA (Musik. Wurzburg), MFA (Musik. Frankfurt), Ph.D. (Princeton)
Associate Professor

Harald M. Krebs
B.Mus. (Brit. Col.) M.Phil., Ph.D. (Yale)

Susan Lewis
B.A., B.Mus. (Queen's), M.M. (Arizona), M.F.A., Ph.D. (Princeton)
Dean of Fine Arts, Associate Professor

W. Andrew Schloss
B.A. (Bennington Coll.), Ph.D. (Stanford)

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