MA in Musicology

The MA in Musicology is an integrated program involving music criticism, analysis, and applied theory, as well as cultural and historical study. It offers students close mentoring, leading to the development of skills appropriate to a career in musicology.

MA in Musicology (with Performance)

The unique MA in Musicology (with Performance) allows qualified students to continue serious study of their instrument while completing an MA in Musicology.

PhD in Musicology

The PhD in Musicology is small and selective, offering the opportunity for intensive directed research, emphasizing professional training in research and scholarship. The program encourages interdisciplinary work linking scholarship in music with humanistic fields relevant to the student’s area of research.

Course Calendar

For information about the specific course requirements of our Master's and PhD programs, please see the UVic Calendar for required courses for the MA in Musicology, MA in Musicology (with Performance), and PhD in Musicology.


The Graduate Forum in Musicology is the core seminar for all degree programs, focusing on advanced research methods and approaches to the discipline. The Forum also comprises the editorial board for the annual interdisciplinary journal, Musicological Explorations.

Seminars address music from the Middle Ages to present, with recent topics including:

  • Wagner
  • Baroque Opera
  • Notations
  • Performance Practices of Classical and Romantic Music
  • "Reading" Beethoven
  • Music & Print Cultures
  • The Music and Writings of Pierre Boulez
  • The History of Genre

Interdisciplinary Journal: Musicological Explorations

In Spring 2004, graduate students launched Musicological Explorations, a journal that provides a forum for scholarly work in musicology and related disciplines. The journal showcases research by graduate students in musicology, performance practice, ethnomusicology, and interdisciplinary studies.

The editorial board is comprised of graduate students working towards degrees in Musicology, Performance, Composition, and Interdisciplinary Studies. Serving on the board offers a unique opportunity for students to gain professional experience in scholarly editing, publishing, publicity, and communications.


Dániel Péter Biró
MFA (Musik. Wurzburg), MFA (Musik. Frankfurt), Ph.D. (Princeton)
Associate Professor

Michelle Fillion
B.A. (Montréal), B.Mus. (McGill), M.A., Ph.D. (Cornell)
Associate Professor

Joseph Salem
B.Mus. (Texas), M.A. (Wisconsin), Ph.D. (Yale)
Assistant Professor

Harald M. Krebs
B.Mus. (Brit. Col.) M.Phil., Ph.D. (Yale)
Acting Director, Professor

Susan Lewis
B.A., B.Mus. (Queen's), M.M. (Arizona), M.F.A., Ph.D. (Princeton)
Acting Dean of Fine Arts, Associate Professor

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