All applicants to graduate programs in performance

  1. You are welcome to contact the individual teacher with any questions you may have. Bios and email contact information can be found on the faculty section of the School of Music website.

  2. Admission is based on the successful completion of the audition process and academic acceptance to the University of Victoria.

  3. Unfortunately, due to time constraints you may be stopped during the audition and asked to go on to the next piece.

  4. You are encouraged to audition in person. DVDs are also welcome.

  5. Although accompaniment is not required in the auditions, you are encouraged to bring an accompanist if you are able. There are also local pianists available for hire for the auditions.  For a list of qualified accompanists, please contact the School of Music (

  6. Graduate voice applicants are asked to provide their own accompanists. For further information see the Voice audition section.

Strings — Graduate MMUS in Performance

  • Three contrasting movements from any works which show your highest level of achievement
  • Two of the movements need to be memorized
  • You may be asked to play scales and arpeggios

String Quartet Emphasis — Graduate MMUS in Performance

The Graduate String Quartet Program at UVIC is open to pre-formed quartets only.  Canadian and International ensembles are welcome to apply. 

  • Applicants to the Masters in Music – String Quartet Emphasis are asked to submit an audio-visual recording consisting of 3 contrasting movements which reflect their highest level of playing
  • Quartets considered as finalists will be asked to submit additional solo audition material, which will include 1 movement of a concerto and 2 contrasting movements of solo Bach.
  • Live auditions will be arranged with each quartet selected in the finals, either in person or through live-streaming. One quartet will be chosen for this program.
  • Application Deadline (form and DVD): December 15, 2017 (International and US); January 15, 2018 (Canadian)

Guitar — Graduate MMUS in Performance

  • Applicants may audition with three suitable works such as a selection from a Bach Suite or Sonata, a classical or Romantic work such as Giuliani, Coste, Regondi, or Barrios, and a modern work such as Brouwer, Takemitsu, Britten, Rodrigo, etc.
  • A live audition is preferred, but for candidates unable to travel to Victoria, a high-quality video may be sent.

Flute — Graduate MMUS in Performance

  • Two contrasting movements from a Sonata (or the Partita for solo flute) by J. S. Bach
  • One movement from a standard Concerto (Mozart, Ibert, Haydn, C.P.E. Bach, Jolivet, etc.)
  • One movement from a 20th or 21rst century (tonal) Sonata (Prokofieff, Poulenc, Muczynski, Morawetz, Liebermann, etc.) 
  • one solo avant-garde work (i.e., atonal and/or including "extended techniques" such as the Sequenza by Berio, Mei by Fukushima, "In a Living Memory" by Ichiyanagi, "Air" by Takemitsu, "Density 21.5" by Varèse, etc.) 
  • Works with piano accompaniment must be presented with a pianist; you may bring your own pianist or make arrangements with the music office to hire a local pianist (
  • For graduate flute auditions please contact Dr. Snizek directly at
    Further information about the flute program at UVic may be found at

Oboe — Graduate MMUS in Performance

  • Applicants for Graduate study on the oboe should select a varied program of lyrical and technical works from oboe repertoire that would be appropriate for a graduating recital at the Bachelor of Music level.

Saxophone — Graduate MMUS in Performance

Brass — Graduate MMUS in Performance

  • Applicants for Graduate study should select lyrical and technical passages from solo repertoire that would be appropriate for a graduating recital at the Bachelor of Music level.
  • For DVD applicants, the inclusion of some passages with piano accompaniment is desirable.

Voice — Graduate MMUS in Performance

  • Prepare a varied yet cohesive recital program of about 20 minutes duration 
  • You will be assessed on quality of voice, musicality, attention to text, knowledge of repertoire and linguistic skills. 
  • Please provide your own accompanist. DVD auditions are welcome. Audition times can be arranged directly with the Head of Voice.

Piano — Graduate MMUS in Performance

  • 45 minutes of music covering at least 3 different style periods
  • Music at a level of challenge equivalent to or higher than a fourth-year graduating recital -a wide range of music is welcome, including contemporary literature
  • It is recommended that applicants contact one of the co-heads in piano, Professors Arthur Rowe ( or Bruce Vogt (, to discuss the suitability of repertory well in advance of the audition

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