MUS 411: Introduction to the Business of Music

The Business of Music offers an in-depth, practical investigation of the music industry with particular emphasis on current trends in the creation and consumption of music as it relates to commerce. Students will cultivate a deep familiarity of common music business practices suitable for leveraging a career as a music professional.

The Business of Music will include an overview of key music marketing principles and practices including but not limited to publicity, touring, distribution, publishing, licensing and synchronization rights, radio, auditions and grant writing.

The information covered could form the basis for a full marketing plan for a musician or group. The course will serve students wishing to learn business practices relating to the music industry, and students seriously considering further study and practice of music business/management.

A major highlight of this course is the live lectures from national and international artists and producers. Previous guests include CBC Radio personality Tom Power, Great Big Sea’s Bob Hallett, and Lynn Kuo, Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet Orchestra, among many others. Students are able to access first-hand information from some of Canada’s most successful industry professionals.

This course is open to Music majors and non-Music majors with backgrounds in music and/or a serious appreciation of the musical arts. Comprehension of written music is not a pre-requisite.

About the Instructor
Newfoundland trumpeter Dr. Patrick Boyle embodies the jazz spirit by synthesizing a range of influences into a compelling original voice. He has been aptly referred to as a “trumpet personality” and “one of Canada’s top trumpet players and jazz musicians in general” by CBC Radio. An in-demand session player not bound by genre, Patrick can be heard on more than 40 recordings and two critically acclaimed solo albums: "Still No Word" (2008) and "Hold Out" (2005). He has composed music for film, television, radio, theatre and regularly creates original live soundtracks for silent films and video games.