Music 316A: The History Of Rock And Roll

  • No prerequisites required for this course, just an appreciation for great music.

Popular music is an industry made of the sweat and tears of musicians, songwriters and performers that have provided the soundtrack to our social and political history.

The History of Rock and Roll explores the origins and cultural extensions of many of the most popular genres and trends of rock and roll. From the blues of the Mississippi Delta to the hardcore punk scene, we will explore how music manifests, takes its moment in the spotlight then goes underground to inspire sub cultures all around the world. You will never listen to music in the same way again.

About the instructor
Colleen Eccleston is a rock and folk singer, as well as a songwriter and actor with a BFA in Theatre.  A child prodigy, she began her career in Newfoundland at the age of 11 and has captured audiences ever since fronting for rock and Celtic bands and singing with the likes of James Keelaghan, Bourne and McLeod, Valdy, Spirit of the West and many more. She has also toured the province with The Other Guys Theatre Company's hit folk musical Good Timber.