MUS 115: Listening to Music

This is a year-long course for the general student population and for those not majoring in music. There are no musical prerequisites for this class - everyone is welcome! The course is designed to enhance understanding and appreciation of Western classical music starting with the Medieval Ages and moving chronologically to 20th Century music.

Students will learn about important composers and performers, specific pieces of classical music, as well as musical characteristics for the different eras. Students will also develop awareness and understanding of how music relates to other arts, political events and social and cultural developments, learn some musical terminology, and become familiar with different musical instruments. By the end of the course, students will have had the opportunity to develop effective listening skills, the ability to describe and discuss music, and hopefully, an increased enjoyment of music.

There will be a substantial amount of listening required in this course. In addition to listening to recordings, students will also be expected to attend a few concerts over the course duration.

About the instructor
Anita Bonkowski is an experienced music educator, with a wide range of expertise in theory, history and orchestration in the areas of both jazz and classical music. An international composer, arranger and performer, Anita specializes in bass, drums and percussion. She most recently she performed in the house band for the David Foster Miracle Concert, playing with musicians such as Sarah McLachlan, Kenny G, Josh Groban and the Canadian Tenors.