MUS 109: Great Film Music

Jaws to Jedi / Batman to Bond

  • “Great Film Music” will examine the role of music in movies, drawing mainly upon American movies from the 1930s to present day.

Through lectures, selective excerpts, and studying entire films in detail, the course will help develop an awareness of the impact and intent of music and its relation to film. We will examine the ways music complements and influences our interpretation of film images and characterizations, how music’s aural experience affects a viewer’s perception, the artistry involved in effectively scoring a film, and how to recognize its manipulative potential as well as its expressive power.

By the end of this course students will have acquired a basic working knowledge of musical and film terminology so that they can communicate ideas and insights in a comprehensible fashion.

  • “Great Film Music” is designed for the general student population — that is, no formal musical training or a background in film or television is a prerequisite.

About the instructor
Anita Bonkowski is an experienced music educator, with a wide range of expertise in theory, history and orchestration in the areas of both jazz and classical music. An international composer, arranger and performer, Anita specializes in bass, drums and percussion. She most recently she performed in the house band for the David Foster Miracle Concert, playing with musicians such as Sarah McLachlan, Kenny G, Josh Groban and the Canadian Tenors.