Take an Elective

  • Learn more about the music you love.
  • There’s a myth that you need to read music to take a class with us.
  • You do not need to have a background in music to take our classes for non-majors.
  • We offer exciting introductory classes and NO-PREREQUISITE 300-level electives.

Current Course Offerings for Non-Majors

Year Long 2017-18
MUS 115 Listening to Music 
MUS 180C-480C Don Wright Symphonic Winds
  • Open to all students, no audition required. 
  • Information session for Don Wright Symphonic Winds scheduled for Thursday, September 10 at 6:30 p.m. in Cornett B112 followed by the first rehearsal at 7:00 p.m.
MUS 180E-480E

UVic Chorus (section A02)

  • Open to the entire UVic Community: students, faculty, and staff
  • Open to the Greater Victoria Community
  • No audition required.
  • Fall performance includes the annual all-UVic-Choirs Seasonal Christmas concert at Christ Church Cathedral, and in the spring, large choral masterwork with the UVic Orchestra.
MUS 189 Vikes Band
Fall 2017

MUS 108 African Hand Drumming 
MUS 109 Great Film Music
MUS 111 Elementary Materials of Music
MUS 207 Music, Science and Computers
MUS 316A History of Rock & Roll 
MUS 391 A01 Great Conductors
Spring 2018
MUS 108 African Hand Drumming 
MUS 111 Elementary Materials of Music
MUS 109 Great Film Music
MUS 316B The Beatles 
MUS 325 History of Jazz 
MUS 328B Keyboard Literature: 1820 to the Present
MUS 391 A01 Indigenous Peoples and Music
MUS 411 The Business of Music