UVic student performances

Rhiannon Jones (BMus 2020) first year flute student playing Enesco’s “Cantabile e Presto” with second yr piano student Ethan Hill

Former UVic Flute student Thomas Bauer (BMus 2015) and fourth yr flute student Gillian Newburn (BMus 2017) performing as winners in the 2017 Cowichan Consort Competition in April 2017

Ligeti Six Bagatelles for winds, fourth yr Gillian Newburn (BMus 2017) March 2017 performance.

Berio Sequenza performed by first yr MMUs in performance Charmaine Tai (March 2017)

From UVic Sonic Lab Concert March 2017. While Liquid Amber for three piccolos by Chaya Czernowin: Alanna Kazdan (first yr MMus in musicology with performance), Jillian Broughton, (Musical Arts BMus 2017) and Bailey Finley (Musical Arts BMus 2017).

Mishpatim, Part 1 by Dániel Péter Biró; Ensemble with flutist Alanna Kazdan (MMus in musicology with performance 2018) (Sonic Lab concert March 2017)

Above performance: Thomas Nicholson BMus UVic graduation recital in composition. Please note: this work explores “just intonation.” UVic Flutist/piccoloist Jillian Broughton (BMus 2017). To hear highlights of flute/picc part, start at around 21 min. mark…

“Lookout” by Robert Dick performed by JIllian Broughton (BMus December 2017) March 2017.

Performance of Yuko Uebayashi Au-déla du Temps for two flutes and piano performed by Charmaine Tai (MMus 2018) flute 1; Cooper Read (BMus 2017) flute 2 and Alanna Kazdan on piano (MMus in musicology with flute performance). Part of UVic’s annual “Thank You” concert  March 2017.

E. F. Burian’s Lost Serenade performed by third yr performance major Gillian Newburn (BMus 2017) with Kim Ferris Manning, piano. From 2016 Studio recital.

Takemitsu Towards the Sea  Cape Cod mvt; Jillian Broughton (third year Musical Arts degree stream in flute) , alto flute with guitarist Josh Amendt-Moylan. From our annual UVic Flute studio recital (2016).

Boris Blacher Sonata played by Monica Mun, second year student (BMus 2018). From 2016 studio recital.

Chaminade Concertino played by Aleksandra Tremblay (BMus Education, 2015) in her fourth year recital spring 2014

Second year student Cooper Reed (BMus, 2017) 2015 performance of Hindemith Sonata mvt. II, Sehr Langsam:

2015 Live performance of Villa Lobos Choros (with clarinet) Second yr flute student Gillian Newburn

Aleksandra Tremblay completed her fourth year of flute study in spring of 2014 and completed her fifth year (teaching practicum) of her music education studies at UVic in 2015.
To see her music video go to: https://youtu.be/wFUWhp6zunY