Summer music program

Just received this note from Lauren Eselson (flute teacher at Mount Royal Conservatory in Calgary ):

Dear Flutists and Teachers,

Just a friendly reminder the deadline for application is fast approaching for VSSM 2018! May 31, May 30 for scholarships.
Please come join Mary Sullivan and I in the beautiful Slocan Valley of BC for flute core class, chamber music with strings/pno, and more!

Technical Exam heads-up

Hello continuing (and new incoming) UVic flutists!

We will be having a technical exam the week of 29 October 2018.  I am giving everyone ample time to work towards these goals:  if you proceed at a calm, slow pace you will be much more successful in reaching these goals!

Contents of exam:

Be prepared to perform below items from memory; strive also to play all items with a relaxed bodily approach and awareness:

  1. All major and minor scales slurred, extended range up to high b or b flat, in 16ths at mm. 152. You may extend up to high c or C sharp if you prefer (please note: in fall of 2019 that will become the new studio expectation).

Also at mm. 112 in all standard articulations: t2 s2; s 2 t 2; s2 s2; all t; all s; t1 s3; s3 t1

  1. Whole tone scales all slurred at 152. Begin on low c or c sharp and play three octaves.
  2. ‘Chromatic seconds’ pattern, all slurred, at mm. 120. Start at low c d, c# d#,d e, d# e#, e f#, etc. up to high c then b flat, b a, b flat a flat, ag, etc back down to low c .
  3. All major scales in thirds at mm. 120 (all slurred and all tongued in 16ths)
  4. Major and minor arpeggios at mm.120 (all slurred and all tongued in 16ths)
  5. Broken ‘overlapping’ arpeggios (i.e., C G E C G E etc) also at mm. 120 in 16ths (all slurred and all tongued in 16ths)

Some tips:

For most of you this will require very gradual and persistent work over an extended period. Begin slowly, at whatever happens to be an easy tempo for you.

  1. Use the mirror to ensure proper positions, check posture and minimise tension.
  2. Play through these for each other (a “scale buddy” is a great idea over the summer!) to prepare for the exam. Even if you are in a remote location for the summer you can still play for each other via Skype or FaceTime, etc.
  3. Remember: strive for ‘more tone, less tongue.’ At mm.112 you can use single tonguing effectively if you play with a light approach.
  4. Record yourself at regular intervals to monitor progress.
  5. Please make sure you are fingering everything correctly (i.e., playing e natural with the d sharp key actually depressed, playing all middle e flats with index up etc.).

Successful graduate flute recitals

We just had two wonderful graduate recitals, the most recent given 28 Feb at 8 pm played by Alanna Kazdan (see photo below), second year Musicology with performance candidate; and a fine recital also last week given by second MMUs in performance candidate Charmaine Tai. Congratulations to both of these soon to be graduating students! 

Another scholarship available for UVic flutists

Hello current UVic flutists,
Reminder of this important opportunity. Please consider applying for this award! I am happy to support your application. However, pLease let me know by tomorrow Friday 3 Nov as I will need time to write references. Thank you.

L. E. Frances Druce Collaborative Piano Award

One or more prizes are awarded to academically outstanding full-time undergraduate or graduate students in the School of Music. The prize is intended to enhance student learning by providing the financial support to enable students to work with a professional collaborative pianist.

For the 2017-18 School year, 8 Awards of $600 will be made.

Preference will be given to students giving a graduating recital for the MMus or BMus degree in Performance or M588 recital.

Application requirements:

n A proposed recital program from the student including timings of works, reasons for the repertoire choices and a projected budget for rehearsals and performance.
n A letter of support from the student’s teacher.

These two items are due at the School of Music office
by 4:00 pm Thursday, November 16.

Students receiving the award will be notified by November 22.

Upcoming OPEN event

Hello everyone

Just an update regarding the guest class and recital on 18 November Saturday. We have flutist Dr. Michelle Cheramy visiting (professor of flute at Memorial University in St. Johns, Newfoundland). Admission to both he concert and masterclass is by donation. The masterclass will be held in PTY recital hall at UVic from 145-345 and yes, will be followed by a reception (yay! Murchies cake and macarons 🙂 The 8 pm recital, given by Trinitas (a trio comprised of the professors of flute, piano and cello from Memorial) will also be held in PTY recital hall at the UVic School of Music. Both events are open to the community. Hope to see you there!

For new fine arts graduates, something to consider…

Thought this was interesting as an option. He doesn’t specifically mention it but there are also positions at government supported arts organisations like Canada Council or the Canadian Music Centre, and what he does say relates also to fine arts graduates. IF you have a graduate degree and relevant experience (which you can get as a student through internships, volunteering, TAships, work study roles, etc) you could consider this route. Would be a great place to work for any artist: good way to make connections, stay abreast of what is going on in the field and also has excellent benefits!