Readings for 2015-16

Hi everyone,

One of the books for this coming year (The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance and Wellness by Gerald Klickstein) will be available at Munroes Books (on Government street, downtown Victoria). They have said it will be here by September and at the same price as the online vendors. Just FYI!

2015-16 Flute lesson syllabus

MUS 1-2-3-4 40; MUS 245, 345, 445, 545

Instructor: Dr. Suzanne Snizek


flute studio blog:


Welcome to the Uvic Flute Studio! I am looking forward to working with each one of you. I will be your flute instructor and mentor during your time here at Uvic. Please do not hesitate to ask for guidance. I am at school nearly every weekday and can meet with you by appointment or during my office hours, which are posted outside my office door (my teaching schedule changes from term to term). If these times conflict with your class schedule, we can arrange another time if needed; just ask!


Important Things to know…

  1. First, you will need to sign up for an ensemble placement audition. Sign up sheets will be posted on the ‘ensemble bulletin board’ located at the base of the stairs. This audition will take place during the first week of classes and will help to place all students in their large (Wind Symphony, Concert Band and Orchestra) and small chamber ensembles. Audition materials will be posted on the school website during the summer and will also be posted on my office door.


  1. Please also sign up for a private lesson time for first term. This sign up sheet will be posted on my office door by the first week of classes. You will similarly choose a new lesson slot for second term during the first week of that term. Lessons will occasionally fluctuate to accommodate my own performance and travel schedule. Lessons are 50 minutes in length.


  1. Lesson Logistics: All students are expected to be punctual, ‘warmed up’ and fully prepared for each lesson. Please assemble your flute prior to the lesson and dissemble in the hallway afterwards, to help me stay on time and be most efficient. Please be sure to bring a notebook to each lesson and keep it current. Students that are organised about their work tend to be more successful!


  1. Please do not wear any scented products. Many faculty members, staff and fellow students are very scent sensitive. Plain old (unscented) soap is appreciated though! Many thanks for your cooperation in this matter.


  1. Please keep informed by regularly checking the flute blog AND your email. Important things often pop up during the course of the year that are quite time sensitive.


Attendance policy

  1. Lessons cancelled because of a documented illness (i.e., those with a doctor’s note) will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time.
  2. Any unexcused missed lesson will not be made up.
  3. If you know in advance that you need to reschedule a lesson (for any reason), please arrange this directly with another willing student, and then inform me via email ( of the change in advance. If you have to cancel a lesson because of illness, please email me with as much advance notice as possible at the above address. Generally, I require 24 hrs. advance notice in order to reschedule a lesson.

Master Class meets weekly on Wednesdays at 1:30. This class is central to your development as a flutist. All flute students are expected to attend all master classes. There will be rotating performance dates for each student for each term; this list, including planned repertoire, will be posted (outside my office door) near the beginning of each term. Participation, attitude, attentiveness and preparedness will be the determining factors in the assessment of your work in master class. Specific repertoire and themes change every term; specifics on this coming year will be detailed in a separate document.

Jury There is one year-end jury performance of 15 minutes duration for all performance majors and 10 minutes for all other concentrations. There may be sightreading as part of the jury for performance majors. A jury exam performance missed for any reason (other than a genuine and unavoidable emergency) will not be rescheduled.

Please note: If you are a first year student who is interested in pursuing the performance major in flute, please speak to me immediately, as there will be an audition (typically at the end of the second year) for which we will need to prepare. 

Private lesson mark will be determined as follows:

One third of mark:

  1. Weeklyprivatelesson (including assigned readings/summaries) and
  2. Weekly master class

This part of your mark assesses your degree of musical preparedness, as well as your attitude, attendance and punctuality (for performance majors this includes IPS attendance and participation).

One third of mark:

  1. Quality of your performances in Tuesday and Friday noon hours, annual Studio recital; and for performance majors, your IPS performances and
  2. A technical exam (administered in your second lesson in January). All students (except graduate students) will be assessed in this technical exam. Fluency, accuracy, tonal homogeneity and speed will be assessed. Details TBA.

One third of mark: Jury or graduating recital

Please note: In every category listed above, a student’s attitude towards learning, consistency of effort, (weekly preparation), openness to trying new approaches/concepts, and evidence of improvement and effort are extremely important factors in your overall mark.

 For extremely important UVIc policy information on marks, academic integrity and evaluation of student achievement, please consult the following:

Readings and Summaries Three short written reflections on required readings (between 400-600 words) will be required as part of this course. You may read your assigned readings in any order that works best for you. The first is due on 1 October; the second will be 20 January, and the last will be due by 1 March. To save paper, please submit your summary by email (word doc) attachment. Late assignments will not be accepted.

This assignment is designed to heighten your awareness of the context of performing and to expand your thinking about various larger issues in performance. I would like each student to ‘digest’ and directly apply the practical information contained in these texts to their own playing. To that end, please focus on what was personally most useful to you as a player and how you actually applied the information in your practice and/or performance experiences.

Please include in your summaries three specific examples of how you have applied suggestions/information, sourced directly from the text, to your own practice as a musician.

The required readings for 2015-16 are listed below. I encourage you to purchase these items (they are generally available at Munroes Bookstore on Government Street downtown) rather than borrowing them; they will be items you will refer to throughout your musical careers.

For first year students:

  1. The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green (if you have already read this, please instead read The Mastery of Music: Ten Pathways to True Artistry by Barry Green)
  2. The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance and Wellness by Gerald Klickstein
  3. Playing (Less) Hurt by Janet Horvath

For second year students:

  1. Kincaidiana by John Krell
  2. The Proper Flutist by Trevor Wye
  3. Casals and the Art of Interpretation by David Blum

For third year students:

  1. Body Mapping for Flutists by Lea Parsons
  2. Casals and the Art of Interpretation by David Blum
  3. Mastering Creative Anxiety by Eric Maisel

For Fourth Year Students:

  1. The Notation is Not the Music by Barthold Kuijken
  2. Making your Creative Mark: Nine Keys to Achieving your Artistic Goals by Eric Maisel or The Creativity Habit by Twyla Tharpe
  3. The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance and Wellness by Gerald Klickstein


I suggest daily practice be proportioned as follows:

25% tone

25% technique

25% etude/s

25% repertoire

Even (especially!) when you are in the midst of preparing recitals this is an excellent way to practice. Attending concerts, performing, listening to recordings, reading relevant texts and physical exercise/stretching (yoga is excellent, as is swimming!) are extremely important activities. Please regard these as a regular part of your essential ‘out of the practice room’ practice.

Recital Attendance

Students will be expected to attend their professor’s and fellow flutist’s recitals. This is an important means to improving your own performance practice. Please keep apprised of events via the flute studio blog. If you are performing a solo recital this year, please notify me well in advance so I may post your event in a timely manner. 

Materials I will be making individually tailored recommendations for all students. Students will be expected to purchase music as determined by the instructor. Every undergraduate will prepare a weekly etude, in addition to technical work and repertoire. Graduate students will, in addition, generally be expected to complete works more quickly. We will strive to cover all genres (‘early’ music, classical, Romantic/French salon, 20th C and beyond) and fill in any gaps in repertoire. If a student has a very strong background in one area, there will be greater emphasis given to the others. Piccolo, Alto and Bass study are all encouraged as well.

Studio policy

  1. I do not photocopy any music or lend any music (parts, scores or recordings) from my personal library to students. As with any academic course, all students are required to secure their own materials. If financially necessary, you may opt to borrow available materials from the Macpherson library. We have a fairly comprehensive existing collection. I can also request the library purchase new items if they do not happen to have an item we need. However, it is important to develop your own music library.


  1. Performances represent the work we do together in the studio, as well as your own individual practice. Therefore, when I feel a work is ready to be performed, I will suggest a concert venue to you (usually, Tuesday and Friday music concerts). This will happen after I have first heard the material successfully and confidently presented in a polished manner in the studio, and as it is to be presented publicly: in its entirety and with all collaborative musicians. Performance permission slips will not be signed in anticipation of a student’s later work. Please plan accordingly. I will have performance permission slips, at the ready, in my studio.


  1. Please make sure you check with me before scheduling your solo recital. Please note that according to current wind section requirements, all graduating recitals need to be presented before 15 March. My schedule fluctuates throughout the year according to my concert schedule and other commitments, but I will make every effort to be present at your recital(s).


I am looking forward to a very productive and enjoyable ‘musical journey’ with all of you! Please join me in extending a warm welcome to our new students!


SALT contemporary music summer festival at UVic

Dear UVIc Fluters,

Flutist and composer  Sylvie Lacroix of Vienna ( will be here as part of the festival and would be working with any flutists who attend this valuable programme. I would strongly encourage all third and fourth yr students to consider applying for this programme, as they are accepting applications from performers. It is very important to get experience playing contemporary music!
The deadline to apply for the 2015 SALT New Music Festival and Symposium has been extended to June 20, 2015!
Please visit the application website to apply:

The 2015 SALT New Music Festival and Symposium is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ernst von Siemens Foundation for Music, the SOCAN Foundation and the University of Victoria.

For questions, please contact Robert Hansler at

Connect with the SALT Festival on Facebook here:

Annual studio tea in September 2015

Hi everyone,
We will have our annual tea on 11 September at 330 at Murchies, downtown Victoria on Government street. You can easily get there by bus: the 14, 15 and even the 7 gets there (eventually, if you want a slow and scenic route). This is our opportunity to gather and just get to know each other better before things get very busy, and also enjoy some really terrific pastries and teas. This is my treat for all of you. Please mark your calendars!

September 2015 Placement audition materials

Hello fluters! This is the information for the upcoming placement auditions to be held in early September. Sign up sheets will be posted on the ensemble board at the base of the stairs in the music building (known as ‘Maclaurin B wing’). Please note that ALL required music is free and available at the IMSLP website (

Please prepare first flute parts only to:
1. Beethoven Symphony #1 first mvt only.,_Op.21_(Beethoven,_Ludwig_van)
2. Brahms Serenade #1 first mvt. only.,_Op.11_(Brahms,_Johannes)
3. The entire flute solo from the “Aus Liebe will mein Heiland sterben” aria in J. S. Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion. Please note that you do NOT need to prepare the entire work (it is a really big one)!!
4.Tchaikovsky Symphony #5, Third mvt only,_Op.64_(Tchaikovsky,_Pyotr)
5. Please also prepare on piccolo (overture ONLY):,_Gioacchino)

All required music is available and free for download at the IMSLP website:

Please note: Exact solo passages will be identified by the day of the actual audition in September. You will use your own parts (with your markings) for the audition. The committee will be behind a screen, and the audition will be held in the recital hall.
It is essential that you listen very carefully to all three works in order to understand and represent the flute parts as effectively as possible. You will want to try to convey the unique style of each work.
Strive for:
Accuracy (rhythms, dynamics, tempi and notes).
Stylistic appropriateness (again, listen to the work and strive to understand how the flute part fits into the larger fabric)
Musical expressiveness.
Looking forward to hearing all of you in September!


to UVic flutist Thomas Bauer! I just received news that Christie Reside, this years adjudicator for GVPAF (Greater Victoria Performing ARts Festival) has nominated Thomas to attend the Provincial Festival as the Woodwinds Senior competitor! The Provincial Festival is in Powell River this year from May 26th to 30th.

This designation also carries with it an ‘Outstanding Senior Performer’ award of $150.00 donated by the BC Registered Music Teachers’ Association – Victoria Branch, in memory of Elise LeGresley. Ms. Reside also selected Thomas for the Promising Flute Player Award of $50.00 donated by Bee Gilbert, and the Technicolour Ensemble received the Most Promising Ensemble Award of $100.00 – donor anonymous (to be split evenly among the four performers).

As well, Thomas has been invited to play the 4th movement of the Prokofiev Sonata at the Brass, Classical Guitar, Composition and Woodwinds Honours Concert April 30th at 7:00 pm, held in the Philip T Young Hall at UVic.

I know all of you will join me in congratulating Thomas on this wonderful achievement!

New flute music in Uvic library

Hi fluters,

Just wanted to let you know of just some of the new flute music on its way to Macpherson… you might want to include these in your summer repertoire explorations. Lots of fun stuff!

  • P. Glass Arabesque In Memoriam (minimalist genre)
  • Henryk Górecki Valentine Piece (“)
  • Jensen Sonata in f minor (classical era)
  • Mozetich Sonata for flute and harp (contemporary, tonal Canadian composer based in TO)
  • Christos Hatzis Arctic Dreams for flute and marimba (also coincidentally  a contemporary tonal Canadian composer)
  • Sonata for two flutes by York Bowen
  • Fabregas Goyescas  and Voices of the rainforest  (for flute, viola and piano and flute, cello, piano, respectively)
  • Andrew Ford Female Nude for solo alto flute
  • Andrew Ford Female Nude for solo alto flute in G and wooden percussion 
  • Fukushima Shun-san (beautiful solo flute work, reminiscent of Shakuhachi sounds through extended technique) 
  • Reza Vali Song for solo flute
  • Takemitsu Voice for flute solo 

open flute position (Prince George BC)

Interim Principal Flute
September 2015 to February 2016

Repertoire will be given by email only.

Deadline for resumes: May 11, 2015
Auditions scheduled for May 30 and 31, 2015
Position to begin September 1, 2015

No phone calls please. Email resumes to Miguel Mori, Personnel Manager, at or via post to

The Prince George Symphony Orchestra
2880 15th Avenue
Prince George, BC V2M 1T1