10 Sept studio outing decision

HI everyone,

Since 17 Sept will not work (probably) for anyone placed in orchestra, we will have to stay with 10 Sept. And given the later time (probably around 530) we will not be able to go to Murchies (sadly) but we will enjoy the grad lounge instead. They have really good yam fries! Appetizers and drinks are on me!

10 September studio outing important question

Hello everyone!

Auditions will apparently begin in the afternoon, at 230 pm. I had thought they ere beginning in the morning. This means we will not get to Murchies in time (they close at 6) by the time everyone auditions and we deliberate as a committee afterwards.  I also found out the school is hosting a welcome back to school get together at that same time frame, on 10 Sept Thursday afternoon, which would be good (for the new students, especially) to attend. So I want to know: how many of you could  meet at Murchies the following week on 17 Sept instead at 4 pm? I would like this to be a special and fun time, not rushed and frenzied. Our other option is to just carry on the day/time planned but just meet at the Grad Lounge instead. Please let me know your preference on this decision via email, thank you!

Concert on Thursday 3 September (yes, tomorrow!)

Hello everyone

I will be performing tomorrow at 130 pm in PTY with Sharon Stanis and a musician from the Victoria Symphony.  We will be performing a lovely work for flute and two violins and I will be talking about about my research into music during internment during WWII, and larger human rights issues related to that topic. The concert, which is part of the international Global Connections conference on Holocaust Education, is free and open to the public. Please do stop by!


Master Class schedule in September

27 August update: Please review the following information as some things have been confirmed and clarified and other (see item #2) have changed.

Make a note of the following MC schedule for the first part of the coming term  (a bit irregular).

1. Our first MC will be on 8 September from 1 to 330 in PTY recital hall. This is not required as it is being offered prior to the start of classes, but gives a little advance time for you to tweak your excerpts prior to the audition on 10 Sept.

2. There will be a very short but required presentation on 16 Sept (lasting only about 20 min, in PTY, beginning at our usual time of 130 ) to review important PTY usage, policies and procedures with you. Everyone is required to attend this information session. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

3.There will be no flute classes (in other words, no lessons and no MC)  on 16 and 23 September (I will be out of town and observing high holy days).

3. Masterclasses will resume Weds 30 September (confirmed in PTY) at our regular time of 130 -220.

4. Please note we will have an extended MC on 14 October (which is open to the public) from 12 to 220 in PTY. This is also followed by a reception. Please plan to set aside some time to meet and greet the visiting flute players. Thank you!

Re: Bach excerpt for placement audition

It has come to my attention that the second to last note in both bar 11 and 72 ought to be a C natural, not a D as the score indicates (if you are using the IMSLP version). Please correct this in your parts. I believe it is correct in the Julius Baker book of Arias. Thanks.

Important dates; please mark your calendars

There will be three required faculty concerts during first term. I expect all flute students to be present at these three concerts as they are important for your development, and you should hear/see your teacher perform.

The first is on 29 September 8 pm Tuesday in PTY; this is a trio concert with fantastic collaborating musicians, pianist Michelle Mares and violist Joanna Hood.

The second is the annual faculty chamber music concert: 24 October  at 8 pm in PTY. Details TBA.

The third is  1 November at 230 pm in PTY; this is a solo recital with pianist Michelle Mares, featuring Czech music (Feld, Janacek and Martinu).

In addition, I will be giving a solo (unaccompanied ) recital on 19 November at Open Space. However, as this is off campus and requires tickets your attendance will not be required at this one…this is just FYI for those who would like to attend!

Dates for second term will be forthcoming…


Musician’s Way

JUst recv’d word, there are copies of this new reading available now at Munroes Books (Government Street in downtown Victoria).


Readings for 2015-16

Hi everyone,

One of the books for this coming year (The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance and Wellness by Gerald Klickstein) will be available at Munroes Books (on Government street, downtown Victoria). They have said it will be here by September and at the same price as the online vendors. Just FYI!