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Dec. 2018 Faculty exchange in CHina

It has been quite the past three weeks! I have been guest teaching as part of a three week faculty exchange with Suzhou University and their esteemed flute professor, Clara Novakova (originally from the Czech Republic). Professor Novakova will be joining us at UVic in Feb and March 2019. In addition to my activities in Suzhou (Suzhou University), I performed and taught in Shanghai (at East China Normal University); and at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and the Guangzhou Opera House.

Guest Masterclass at the Guangzhou Opera House, with young flutists of the Guangzhou Youth Orchestra

This is a view of the outside of the amazing Guangzhou Opera House (designed by famed architect, Zaha Hadid).

Music Festival in Ecuador

I am very excited to be visiting Ecuador 16-29 October, where I will be performing “Sojourners,” a double concerto for flute and guitar by Jose Lezcano (Cuban American composer based at Keene University in the US) at the Loja International Music Festival- Ecuador. Loja is in the southern part of the country, and I hear that it is quite beautiful.  Another plus: they grow coffee and chocolate there! 🙂

Second term master class creative research project

Hello UVic flutists,

In second term we will be expanding our repertoires! For this second term MC project I would like everyone to perform a solo (preferably unaccompanied, but if you prefer to do something with piano that is perfectly fine too, if you can arrange for the pianist)  10 min or less piece, or mvt from a larger piece, written by a composer that is ENTIRELY new to you and is relatively unknown. Part of your assignment is to introduce us as a class to your piece and composer, and to this end I would like everyone to prepare a short 5 min. background presentation (either orally or via power point) in addition to your assigned performance. You could choose a newly emerging contemporary composer,  or a historically neglected composer from an earlier period, or someone who falls outside of the conventional repertory and is unfamiliar to us (hint: look for works from non- Western European parts of the world…there is a tremendous wealth of good music out there!). Bill Blair in the main music library might be a good source of research help with this project should you get stuck for ideas. There are so many wonderful but unknown pieces out there! Please come to me with your ideas either in my office hours or via email. To ensure we have a wide variety of music I will need to confirm all pieces/composers in advance. Everyone needs to confirm their selections with me by 15 November.

Thank you and happy researching!

Co-op and Career info day at UVic

This info from John Threfall in Fine Arts highlights what our guest was talking about this afternoon:

This year’s Co-op and Career Info Day is scheduled for 10am to 3pm Tuesday, September 11, in the SUB’s Michele Pujol Room. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about co-op opportunities and career development support in their program areas. Fine Arts has a long history with Co-op, and we had nearly 50 students participate in the program last year.

Did you know that students can get a super-cheap Fine Arts Student Pass at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria? For $12 per student —just $1 more than the daily student admission —the FASP Membership is valid from September 1, 2018 (or date of purchase) to August 31, 2019. That’s a great deal and a great way for students to get involved with the Victoria arts community.



Reminder: first master class tomorrow

Hello all UVic flutists!

YES! We will be meeting at 130 tomorrow Weds 5 September in room B037 for our first master class:  in addition to  reviewing the syllabus, we will briefly review the C/c key area technical materials. We will also have a visitor for the last 20 minutes of class. I look forward to seeing all of you then!


Powell Flute for sale

Just received this which might be of interest to some flute students:

I’m a former flute teacher of the Victoria Conservatory of Music. I’m reaching out to the flutists in the community as I’ve decided it’s time to part with my beloved Powell flute. I haven’t had occasion to take it out of its case much in the last few years and feel it should go to a musician who will make music with it again.
The flute is a Powell 2100 model, I bought it new for $5,975 CAD in 1995 and it’s in pristine condition. Powell no longer sells the 2100 model making it hard to come by. An equivalent model available for purchase in stores is the Powell Signature Series, retailing for $6,925 CAD.

Features include:

  • Solid sterling silver body, headjoint and keywork
  • foot-joint
  • French cups
  • Inline G keys
  • Wooden hard shell case and Jean Cavallero case cover
I have record of all the repairs made on the instrument over its life. It recently had repairs to damaged pads, the headjoint cork was replaced and it was cleaned, polished and lubricated.

My asking price is $4700 OBO and I’d be happy to have flutists come to my home to try the instrument.
Warm Regards,
Katherine:  katherinedennison3 (at)

Masterclass second term 2018-19

Focus: Expanding your Repertoire (details TBA)

9 Jan Charlie, Jasmine; A flat

16 Jan Connie, Emily; A

23 Jan Breanna, Jessica; B flat

30 Jan Paige, Ada; B

6 Feb Jasmine, Jamie; revisiting

C sharp

13 Feb Rhiannon, Taya; revisiting F sharp


27 Feb Guest Artist and Professor Clara Novakova Masterclass today from 130-320. From 130-220 in PTY; 230-320 in flute studio. Breanna, Jessica, Charlie, Taya

6 March Orion Guest Artist Clara Novakova 130 -220 in PTY. Masterclass open to the public today. Performers: Ada, Emily

9 March Novakova in recital in PTY @ 8 pm

13 March Masterclass with Professor Novakova from 130-320.  Jamie, Connie, Jasmine, Rhiannon

20 March Sightreading session; followed by CES

27 March Class tea at Murchies (downtown on Government street) Meet there at 230 pm 🙂