Studio Schedule 2022-23

FLUTE STUDIO SCHEDULE 2022–23 (revised 2 September; subject to change)

All classes FTF in B037 unless otherwise indicated. Additional guests may be added. On orchestral excerpt dates, additional performers may volunteer (as time allows)

7 September: Brief Orientation & Beethoven Symphony 3 “Eroica” (primary solo only, beginning with f octave leaps) AM, HG

14 September Beethoven Leonore Overture (primary solo only, beginning on low D ascending scale) LD, QZ

21 September (ONLINE ZOOM CLASS; link already provided by email) Guest artist Marie Noelle Berthelet, principal flute Regina Symphony) BN, LD, HG presenting solo works for 12 October recital

28 September solo works in PTY (prep for 12 Oct recital, memorised) BN, AM, EB,

(5 October No class; Yom Kippur)

12 October extended class today 1230- 220 recital in PTY. Single mvts. or shorter works by memory (joint concert with saxophone studio): BN (Feld Quatre Pieces first mvt.), LD (Poulenc 2nd mvt); AM (Novak Prelude and/or Fugue tba, EB Muczynski Sonata mvt 1, QZ Valerie Coleman’s Danza de la Mariposa for solo fl, HG Shulamit Ran’s East Wind for solo fl

19 October Maurice Ravel Daphnis and Chloe main solo only AM,EB

26 October in PTY Practice performances for 30 October recital: BN, QZ

30 October studio recital @ 3 pm in PTY featuring longer selections or complete works, memorised performances strongly encouraged. Performance today optional for non-performance majors, required for aspiring perf/performance/grads.

2 November Guest: Dr. Joan Martin (UVIc psychology dept.) workshop on Psychology & Music-making 

4 November WW Friday Music 12:30/PTY

(9 November READING BREAK)

Monday 14 November extended masterclass 630-9 pm in PTY Guest artist class with Joanna G’froerer and Susan Hoeppner, including flute duo recital! MC Performers: LD, EB, HG, QZ

(16 Nov no class)

23 November in PTY J. S. Bach Aus Liebe aria (major solo from St. Matthew’s Passion) AM, LD

30 November 4 pm Class tea for all flute students at Murchies, my treat! (details TBA)

(Tentative Term 2 schedule below)

Second term begins Monday 9 January

11 January Practice performances for 22 Jan Studio recital CM, HG

18 Jan (in PTY) Zoom online class with guest artist Brook Ferguson, principal flutist Colorado symphony (link to follow): Further practice performances for 22 January QZ, EB

22 January at 3 pm Studio recital in PTY; all flute students perform

25 Jan Mozart Concerto in G+ (exposition section of first movement only) BN, LD

(Reminder: technical exam for all undergraduates during first lesson in February)

1 Feb Debussy Afternoon of a Faun AM, EB

8 Feb solo rep in PTY HG, QZ

15 Feb in PTY potential Guest Jane Ginsborg (Royal Northern College of Music- Manchester, UK) on Newest Research on effective practice (and/or BN and EB on solo rep, details TBA)

15 Feb Hao Guo Final MMUS recital 8 pm/ PTY

16 February Qinyue Zheng Final MMUS recital 8 pm/ PTY

(20 Feb Family Day & 22 Feb no class/ reading break)

1 March solo rep in PTY BN, EB

8 March Eva Bradáková MMUS first year Masters recital at 12:30 PM/ PTY

8 March No MC today (extended classes 12 October and 14 November)

15 March (potential guest teacher on zoom TBA) Mendelssohn Midsummer Night’s Dream (scherzo solo) AM, HG

22 March (potential guest on zoom TBA) jury solo rep CM, LD

29 March (potential guest on zoom TBA) jury solo rep BN, AM

5 April class party 4 pm for all flute students and their collab pianists and/or guitarists today at Murchies downtown, my treat! (details TBA)

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