Spring term 2022 MC schedule

Draft schedule (subject to change). Per course syllabus, all flute students are expected to attend (in person or online) all degree-required flute recitals (29/1, 16/2, 28/2 and 1/3). Please note: details regarding mode of delivery for classes TBA (via email) as we proceed…

12 January Junior class only, via zoom (CM, AM, DJ, LD).Practice technical exam materials.

18 January Tuesday Music postponed (potentially 1 Feb; TBA by concert manager; keep an eye on email…)

19 January via zoom. Performers: VZ, CG, QZ?

26 January in PTY today. Performers: DJ, AM, LD

29 January (Saturday) Second term studio recital 4:30 pm in PTY. All students perform! Concert will be livestreamed.

*Reminder: (Tuesday) 1 February Reading summary #3 is due today

2 February Practice Technical exam for all undergraduates (via zoom) today

9 February in PTY today Performers:  HG, QZ, AQ

*Reminder: Technical Exams take place week of 14 February (during lessons)

POSTPONED 16 February Hao Guo recital; rescheduled to 5 April 12:30 pm in PTY

16 February Guest artist lecture “Jumpstart your teaching” by Bonnie Blanchard (Seattle based studio teacher)

23 February Reading break

(Monday) 28 February Ada Qian final (2nd yr) MMus graduation recital @ 8 pm in PTY

(Tuesday) 1 March Qinyue Zheng first year MMus recital @ 12:30 in PTY

2 March Guest artist lecture: Bonnie Blanchard “How to practice”

9 March Guest artist Clara Novakova via zoom (she is based in China: therefore later class today from 530 pm- 620 pm) Performers: AM, LD, QZ

11 March Woodwind Friday Music concert 12:30 pm in PTY

16 March Guest artist Bernard Blary (flute teacher at Langley Community Music School) Performers: CM, QZ, HG

23 March Performers:  DJ, PT, CG

30 March Guest artist Sabina Laurain via zoom (Professor of flute Mexico State Conservatory and Principal flute Mexico State Orchestra). All students: Please bring your Orchestral Audition book (excerpts with annotations by Walfrid Kujala) to class today. Performers: VZ, LD, AQ

5 April 12:30 Hao Guo MMus (first yr) recital in PTY recital hall

6 April No Class today

11 April Monday @ 2 pm Class party? TBD

12 April Juries (for all current undergrad flutists) in PTY recital hall Details TBA (from office).

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