Second term master class creative research project

Hello UVic flutists,

In second term we will be expanding our repertoires! For this second term MC project I would like everyone to perform a solo (preferably unaccompanied, but if you prefer to do something with piano that is perfectly fine too, if you can arrange for the pianist)  10 min or less piece, or mvt from a larger piece, written by a composer that is ENTIRELY new to you and is relatively unknown. Part of your assignment is to introduce us as a class to your piece and composer, and to this end I would like everyone to prepare a short 5 min. background presentation (either orally or via power point) in addition to your assigned performance. You could choose a newly emerging contemporary composer,  or a historically neglected composer from an earlier period, or someone who falls outside of the conventional repertory and is unfamiliar to us (hint: look for works from non- Western European parts of the world…there is a tremendous wealth of good music out there!). Bill Blair in the main music library might be a good source of research help with this project should you get stuck for ideas. There are so many wonderful but unknown pieces out there! Please come to me with your ideas either in my office hours or via email. To ensure we have a wide variety of music I will need to confirm all pieces/composers in advance. Everyone needs to confirm their selections with me by 15 November.

Thank you and happy researching!

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