Duo project for first term

Hello everyone,

Please see below list of pairings for the duo project in first term MC and, eventually, our studio recital in November  (these will be the works you will perform in that particular concert). Since we will generally be working on duo repertoire in first term, please look for both your name AND your partner’s name on the MC schedule. For example, on 3 October Taya (with Charlie) and Jasmine (with Rhiannon) will be performing that day. These performances will necessarily be “works in progress”, especially early in the term (for example 12 Sept!).  Please note: on 26 Sept performers will be performing unaccompanied solo works, as previously discussed and planned (i.e., not doing their assigned duo works).

All students (except for Ada and Emily, who are doing an unaccompanied work) will be working with pianist Charlotte Hale for this project.

Duo Project assignments:

Jamie and Jessica: Doppler Andante (from his Andante and Rondo) (1 Jamie, 2 Jessica)

Taya and Charlie: Cimaroso Concerto for two flutes, mvt.2  (1 Taya , 2 Charlie)

Breanna and Connie “Maya” for two flutes and piano by Ian Clarke (1 Breanna, 2 Connie)

Jasmine and Rhiannon Doppler Rondo second mvt.  (Rhiannon first flute, Jasmine second flute)

Ada and Emily Hindemith Sonatine for two flutes, mvts. 1 and 3 (Emily first on first mvt, and Ada first on third mvt).

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