2018-19 Ensemble placement auditions

2018-19 Flute Ensemble Audition will be held on Thursday 6 September. Sign up list will be posted on the ensemble board at base of stairs; please be sure to sign up for a time. Auditions typically begin with flutes, starting around 230 pm (in PTY recital hall).


Please note: As previously noted on this blog, all 2018-19 ensemble placement excerpts are available in

Kujala, Walfrid. Orchestral Techniques for Flute and Piccolo: An Audition Guide. Progress Press, 2006.

This book is available for purchase through Flute World. See


  1. Prepare Dvorak: a.Flute solo as found on top of p. 35 (please ignore bottom item p.35) and b. Flute solo as found on p. 36

2. Prepare Bartok: Flute solo p.9

3. Prepare Shostakovich: a. Flute solo as found on p.66 and  b.  Flute solo (item marked “original version” though you may choose to perform using the suggested enharmonic fingerings as printed on bottom of that page) on p.67 and c. piccolo solos as found on p. 63 and 64. If you are an incoming new first year student and do not yet own a piccolo these piccolo excerpts are optional. All other students should prepare these two excerpts in addition to all the above listed flute excerpts.