A very successful first UVic flute intensive

We had a great first ever UVic flute intensive 15 and 16 July! We had a very busy weekend together: chamber music sessions, a faculty solo recital, flute choir class, guest lecture on career planning and several masterclasses focussing on flute playing in general and solo repertoire. Some student comments were:

  • “Excellent teaching and coaching. Very supportive and positive feedback”
  • “Beautiful hall, well planned schedule, chamber music reading sessions, career planning is so useful”
  • “There was a great connection I felt during chamber music. I also felt like I needed to have a goal half way through the summer”
  • “It’s great to hear a variety of different music from varying levels of students. It’s great to see the improvement in each student.”
  • “I really liked the flute choir time”

I am also pleased to announce we raised nearly $3000 for the flute studio in our first year! This funding allow us to feature several special learning opportunities for the flute studio. First we will have a certified Alexander technique  teacher (Johanna Godliman) working with the entire studio for the first ten master class sessions of the coming year. This will benefit everyone involved and I am personally excited to have her work with us! We now also have the ability to have additional guest artists visiting and enriching our curriculum. More on that shortly…