2021 fall placement audition

It’s that time of year again! This year we will be requesting recorded excerpts, as we did last year. Please use Walfrid Kujala’s book Orchestral Techniques for Flute and Piccolo: an Audition Guide in your preparation.

Detailed instructions for recording your audition will be outlined on the UVic School of Music website so keep a close eye on the website. This list is simply to get you started! Please note: IF you do not yet own a piccolo, you may simply omit the piccolo excerpt.

The excerpts for fall 2021 are:

  1. Mozart concerto in D major. 1st Movement exposition only. Please use whichever edition you prefer. This should be performed solo, i.e., without a collaborative pianist.
  2. Beethoven Leonore overture #3, primary solo from measure 328 to measure 360. See Kujala p. 13.
  3. Brahms Symphony No. 4, fourth movement major solo from measure 89 to measure 105 ( in Kujala see page 30).
  4. Mendelssohn Midsummer Nights Dream main solo from measure 338 to the end (in Kujala see page 39).
  5. Piccolo excerpt: Dvorak Slavonic dances Op. 46 #2. Begin at Piu Mosso (seventeen bars into Tempo I) where the sixteenth notes begin, and play until the Quasi Andante. There are 7 bars of rest within this excerpt. Please simply pause for a moment and then continue (no need to count these bars ) This excerpt can be viewed on IMSLP here: https://imslp.simssa.ca/files/imglnks/usimg/e/e2/IMSLP42628-PMLP04972-Dvorak-Op046v1.Piccolo.pdf

required books for 2021-22

Hello everyone! Please purchase the following books, which will be required for all UVic flute students: 1. 24 Petite Melodies by Marcel Moyse https://www.amazon.com/Moyse-24-Little-Melodic-Studies/dp/B00006M2QH
2. Taffanel and Gaubert “17 Daily Exercises” https://www.amazon.com/Exercises-Jounaliers-Mecanisme-Ejercicios-Mechanismo/dp/B01N9NVNEK/ref=pd_sbs_7?pd_rd_w=DGHqG&pf_rd_p=2419a049-62bf-452e-b0d0-ca5b7e35a7b4&pf_rd_r=G81XV0DSHVKYY7741W0Q&pd_rd_r=ec41c34c-e483-49f3-934f-b341d304ddcb&pd_rd_wg=zCnmM&pd_rd_i=B01N9NVNEK&psc=1
3. Trevor Wye’s (be sure to get the Omnibus edition) “Practice Book for the flute” https://www.amazon.com/Trevor-Wye-Practice-Flute-Omnibus/dp/1783054255
4. “The Flutists Vade Mecum” by Walfrid Kujala (second edition) http://progress-press.com/publications/the-flutists-vade-mecum-of-scales-arpeggios-trills-and-fingering-technique
5. Phillipe Bernold’s “Technique de L’embouchure”  https://www.justflutes.com/shop/product/la-technique-dembouchure-philippe-bernold
6. Walfrid Kujala’s Orchestral Techniques for flute and piccolo: An Audition Guide:  http://www.progress-press.com/publications/orchestral-techniques-for-flute-and-piccolo

The following book is recommended but not required, except for aspiring performance majors, performance majors and MMus students 7. https://www.amazon.com/Orchestral-Excerpts-Flute-Jeanne-Baxtresser/dp/093400997X

2021-2022 Studio recitalS

I am pleased to announce we will have two studio recitals In the coming year to offer more performance opportunities! These are the dates: Saturday 16 October 2021 at 4 pm and 29 January 2022 at 430 pm. Both recitals will be live streamed and held in the PTY recital hall at the UVic School of Music. Please mark your calendars!

Upcoming guest artist event at UVic

We are so excited to have Brook Ferguson (principal flutist of the Colorado Symphony) joining us on 3 March Weds from 130-220 pm (Pacific time) via zoom webinar (details below). Two current UVic flute students will be working with Ms. Ferguson. This event is FREE but requires advance registration. Please join us in this special open masterclass hosted by Dr. Snizek and the UVic flute studio. Register in advance here:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 

About the Webinar speakers: 

Brook Ferguson (Principal flutist @Colorado Symphony Orchestra)Brook Ferguson was appointed Principal Flutist of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra in 2010 and has been Principal Flutist of the innovative River Oaks Chamber Orchestra since 2012. She has performed as a concerto soloist with the Colorado Symphony, the New World Symphony, the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. 

Suzanne Snizek (Associate Professor (Flute, Woodwind Chamber Music, Music History) @UVic School of Music)Suzanne Snizek has performed extensively as a flutist throughout North America, Europe and Asia, including at Verizon Hall (Philadelphia), Cambridge University (UK), L’École Militaire (Paris), the International Chutzpah! Festival (Vancouver), Kennedy Centre (DC), Music by the Sea Festival (Bamfield, BC), Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (Taipei), and Forum Voix Étoufées (Berlin). Dr. Snizek’s ground breaking research on Music in WWII British internment has been published by Böhlau Verlag-Vienna, Routledge-New York, the Council of Europe, Berghann-New York, Armand Colin-Paris, as well as online at the World ORT website. 

upcoming virtual event

This event might interest flutists:

Sunday, February 28, 2:30pm PST (5:30pm EST)

Solo Flute Spectacular with Paul Taub, Lisa Bost-Sandberg, Bonita Boyd, Stephanie Jutt, and Alexa Still. Featuring music by Barbara Benary, Lou Harrison, Alberto Ginastera, Raimundo Pineda, Luciano Berio, Lisa Bost-Sandberg, Charles Koechlin, Henri Tomasi and John La Montaine. This FREE concert will be presented and streamed by the New York Flute Club.


Guest flutist 27 Jan 2020 at 5 pm (via zoom)

This just in from my colleague Dr. Patrick Boyle:

We are honoured to have Bill McBirnie join us. Bill McBirnie (author of The Technique and Theory of Improvisation) is a highly acclaimed and internationally recognized jazz/Latin flute specialist who was solicited, personally, by Sir James Galway to serve as his Resident Jazz Flute Specialist.Bill has won many awards and enjoyed much critical success at the Juno Awards, the Independent Music Awards, the Global Music Awards, the Jazz Report Awards, the National Jazz Awards, and the Toronto Independent Music Awards.Bill is also the sole triple-crown-winner in all three of the National Flute Association’s (USA) jazz flute (1) Soloist, (2) Masterclass and (3) Big Band competitions.Finally, Bill is a designated “Haynes Artist” with the venerable flute maker, Wm. S. Haynes Co.You can find out more at the following website: www.extremeflute.com

Guest musicians are welcome to attend this special event. Please contact me at ssnizek@uvic.ca if you’d like to receive the link and join us in this upcoming class.

Studio Schedule

UVic Flute Studio Schedule 2020 Fall term

All Masterclasses held synchronously via zoom (link provided by email). Please note: Office hour 230-320 Weds (via masterclass link). All dates/time below Wednesdays 130-220 (pacific time) unless otherwise specified

9 September Welcome back! Discussion today:1. 2020-21 syllabus 2. Masterclass guest visits 3. Bach aria collaborative recording project (first term) 4. solo recording project and CV assignment (second term)

11 September Friday 3:30-415 Online tea party (while imagining Murchies)

16 September Guest Gloria Huh: State of Mexico orchestra second flutist and Reverie Flutes Artist

23 September Topic: “Creative inspiration”

30 September Guest: Soile Stratkauskas, baroque flutist and founder of Victoria Early Music

1 October First reading summary deadline (details in syllabus)

2 October Friday 12:30-1:15 Live recital opportunity. Concert held in PTY. Performers may include AK JS, AQ, CG, KX. Details to follow; Required live-streaming online attendance.

7 October Topic: “Healthy Practice”

14 October Topic: “Building Technique” Please note there will be a technical exam during lessons in week of 8-12 February 2021.

21 October Guest: David Cramer, former Associate principal Philadelphia Orchestra

28 October Topic: “Tonal colour” Recordings will be provided in advance for listening, and in class discussion.

4 November Guest: Regina Helcher Yost, Second Flute Charleston Symphony Orchestra, Assistant Principal Flute/Piccolo Colorado Music Festival, Adjunct Professor of Flute Charleston Southern University and core flutist for Chamber Music Charleston

11 November Reading break

Please note: Bach Aria recordings now due by 31 Jan 2021, early submissions welcome!

18 November Guest: Lorna McGhee, principal flutist Pittsburgh Symphony

25 November Topic: Developing a CV (or resume?) part 1

Tuesday 1 December Second reading summary deadline (details in syllabus)

2 December class cancelled


IMPORTANT REMINDERS:  UVIc has adopted a later start date of 11 January. 31 January (Monday) is now the new due date for Bach aria recordings. Early submissions welcome! CV project now postponed to fall 2021 and finally, 30 January (Saturday) 7 pm Studio recital live-streamed from PTY recital hall. Performers may include all students who wish and are prepared to perform.

All MC dates are Weds 130-220 unless otherwise noted.Please note: Masterclass will occasionally be divided into two cohorts this term, allowing greater individual attention and more focussed teaching. Please look for highlighted junior or senior markers; all “unmarked” classes are for all students.

Junior class: MW, YS, NM, AK, EW, RQ; Senior Class: VZ, PT, CG, JS, BM, KX, AQ

13 January MC Guest: Lois Bliss Herbine, Philadelphia based piccolo soloist and Powell artist. Piccolo performers today: JS and BM

20 January All students: **Suggested deadline for CV/resumes, please submit via email** (please note final deadline of 31 Jan) Junior masterclass technique pre-exam review today. Be prepared to perform the following:

Any major scale, in articulations of 2s2t, 2t2s, all t, all s, 3s1t, 1t3s,2s2s, DT two of each note ie., cc, dd, ee, ff etc, and regular DT (cdef etc). Also M or m arpeggios, either all t, all s.

27 January Senior masterclass technique pre-exam review. Be prepared to perform any major or minor scale (harmonic or melodic) in same (see above 20 Jan) articulations. Also M or m arpeggio, either all t, or all s and also optional (required for Performance majors and MMUS only): MSND main double-tongued solo, Peter and the Wolf opening solo, Leonore Overture solo (from ascending G+ scale, starting on low D to held high d) and Beethoven Symphony 3 solo (beginning from F octaves to ending on short trill on e to middle d)

30 January (Saturday) 7 pm Studio recital live-streamed from PTY recital hall

31 January (Sunday) Third reading summary due (see syllabus) and deadline for Bach aria projects

3 February Junior masterclass technique pre-exam review. Be ready to perform all technique exam materials in class today.

10 February Dr. Eric Abbink, guest clinician today; talk on “Building a career in music.” Everyone please keep working on technical materials….

Week of 8 -12 February: Annual technical exam (during lessons) of above materials.

Reading break: 15-19 February 2021

24 February Performers today: CG, BM, JS

1 March (Monday) Fourth reading summary due (see syllabus)

3 March solo recordings due (via email in Youtube links). Guest today: Brooke Ferguson (Principal flute Colorado Symphony) Performers today: KX, AQ

10 March Junior Masterclass: We will be exploring 24 Petites Melodies (a book by Marcel Moyse; if you do not already own this book please purchase it, or borrow a copy for class today) Performers today include: MW, NM, AK

17 March Senior Masterclass. Performers today: PT, VZ

24 March Junior Masterclass. Performers today: YS, EW

31 March at 4 pm (please note later time) Last masterclass of second term: Social tea at outdoor patio at Murchies, if COVID circumstances allow!?

Please note: No classes on 2 April and 5 April, stat holidays

Lorna McGhee Guest Masterclass

I am very pleased to announce that Lorna McGhee will be our guest in this coming UVic ‘open-to-the-flute-community’ masterclass (130-220 pacific time Weds 18 November ).  She will be performing a couple short solo works, talking about what inspires her, and working with a current UVic flute student. An inspirational (and jam packed) 50 min! 🙂
Hope to see you there! Please use the link below to join us, and be sure to connect after 120 and prior to 130 Pacific time.
Best Wishes,

Topic: UVic flute MCTime:
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 999 0286 4707Password: 925049One tap mobile+17789072071,,99902864707#,,,,0#,,925049# Canada+16475580588,,99902864707#,,,,0#,,925049# Canada
Dial by your location        +1 778 907 2071 Canada        +1 647 558 0588 CanadaMeeting ID: 999 0286 4707Password: 925049Find your local number: https://uvic.zoom.us/u/koBSnwZv2

Recordings featured in new Film

Several of my recordings are now featured in a new promotional film for a graphic novel Holocaust education project. The novel tells the story of two young Dutch children who survived in hiding in the Netherlands. I am really pleased with how well the music fits aesthetically and contextually within the film (the music was written by composers persecuted under Nazi occupation), and happy to support this incredible overall project led by Dr. Charlotte Schallié of UVic’s Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies. See http://holocaustgraphicnovels.org/thirteen-secrets-film/

Kristallnacht commemoration

Hello everyone

I am proud to have participated as a guest speaker in a beautiful (online) commemorative event remembering the terrible events of Kristallnacht (“Night of Broken Glass, “a pogrom of organised violence against German, Austrian and Czech Jews on 9-10 November 1938). For the past decade or so my musical research has focussed on “Suppressed Music.” Although suppression unfortunately happens in endless situations and historical times, much of the music I’ve been particularly focussed on performing and studying was created by Jewish composers suppressed under the Third Reich. Some excerpts from my performances of this music were included in this online presentation, which can be viewed here: