new music at UVic library (updated list)

Enjoy this new music!

Jan Novak: “Panisci Fistula” trio for three flutes (published by Zanibon)

Sonata for flute and guitar (1975) by Einojuhani Rautavaara

Works by Edison Denisov Sonata for flute and piano; Sonata for fl and guitar; Two solo pieces

Sonata for solo flute op. 71 by Vagn Holmboe

Vagn Holmboe’s Primavera op. 55 (wind chamber work)

Ian Clarke‘Curves‘ for three flutes; Deep Blue for fl and pno (on order)

De Middeleeuwen : voor sopraan, alt, fluit, klarinet en strijkers by Rosy Wertheim

Trois chansons pour chant, flute et harpe ou piano by Rosy Wertheim

Gunter Raphael: Trio for fl, violin and viola in B flat major, op.48 and his fantastic Sonata in e minor !!

Elsa Barraine: Ouvrage De Dame

Isang Yun’s ‘Sori’ for solo flute

Isang Yun Inventionen for two oboes (or flute/oboe)

Synchronie for two flutes by Yoshihisa Taira

Sonata by Eduard Tubin

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Suzanne SNizek & Yoomi Kim in recital: 3 August SAturday 11 am

Hello everyone! As part of the biennial UVic Flute Intensive, I will be giving a recital at the unusual time of 11 am 🙂 Please join Yoomi Kim and I in this special concert featuring lighter summer fare, including the Jan Novak Sonatine, Karg-Elert Appassionata Sonata for solo flute (ok, that one’s not so light!), Jan Novak’s Tibia Fugitiva and the Claude Arrieu Sonatine. Admission is by donation. Hope to see you there!

First week of 2019-20 School year

Hello everyone! Some important info regarding the first week of classes:

Preliminary lessons (on audition material) will be offered 29 August, 30 August and 3 September (potential times will be posted on door). IF you are in town and can do the earlier dates please do so, so we leave the 3 Sept dates for those who are not in town earlier. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

First MC: Weds 4 September 130-220 in B037. We will be working on excerpts for your placement audition (taking volunteer performers today!), talking about the audition process. You’ll also be receiving the lesson syllabus and MC yearly schedule. To new students: please note all flute students are expected to attend all masterclasses, which are generally (but not always) on Weds 130-220. However, if you have an unavoidable “first-week” conflict today (things are always a bit ‘in flux’ the first week) please just advise me, via email, in advance.

Placement auditions: Thursday 5 Sept. in PTY. Sign up in advance for a time slot, posted on the ensemble bulletin board (at base of stairs).

“Welcome to UVic” Flute studio party at Murchies Friday 6 Sept at 4 pm. Please meet there for cake and coffee or tea. My treat! (’s+Tea+%26+Coffee/@48.42532,-123.3700968,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x548f749ac22f5a6f:0x6a1dcb6c50ecfe4!8m2!3d48.42532!4d-123.3679081:

For all new students: Please see following link for helpful orientation information

Flute Choir Exchange 2019

This fun annual event was held this past Sunday 16 June at the Victoria Conservatory. Flute enthusiasts gather to perform and learn together; my contribution as featured guest artist was a presentation on “Suppressed repertoire” as well as a short solo performance (two works by Edison Denisov and Jan Novak). Recent UVIc grad Thomas Bauer performed with the Victoria group, current UVic students Taya Haldane and Ryan Qu were also there participating and I also saw Keren Xu who will be joining the UVic flute studio in September. Kim Jurens, repair person extraordinaire, was in attendance as were flutists Brenda Fedoruk (UBC), Cindy Speelman (Nanaimo) and Judith Pazder (VCM).

Post concert …I am holding a flute but it is just out of the frame of this photo …
UVic students Taya Haldane and Ryan Qu participating in one of the many community flute choir performances and readings at this event

Announcing: UVic Flute Intensive 2019

It is not too late! Please consider joining us at the second biennial UVFI on 3 and 4 August 2019, held in the beautiful University of Victoria PTY recital hall. At this time there is ONE PERFORMER OPENING LEFT, AS WELL AS REMAINING AUDITOR SPACES. It will be a stimulating two days of masterclasses, flute choir and faculty performances! Joining me will be the very talented Yoomi Kim (wonderful collaborative pianist) and Steven Capaldo (internationally renown music pedagogue and wind conductor). See below for all details…

2019 Flute Choir Exchange day

I will be appearing as guest artist at the annual Flute Choir exchange (Nanaimo, Victoria, Vancouver choirs are participating this year), being held at the Victoria Conservatory of Music in Langford on Sunday 16 June 2019. I will be talking about the possibilities of expanding your standard repertoire to include rarely performed but wonderful pieces. I will also be performing two representative “Suppressed works” by Edison Denisov and Jan Novak. Hope to see you there! Please see link above for details on the event!

A busy year!

Now that the term is over, I wanted to share some of my photos from travel over the past academic year…

With Suzanne Duffy (flute instructor at CalPoly in San Luis Obispo, CA) at CalPoly guest concert Nov 2018.
Performing in the beautiful 19th c. concert hall in Loja Ecuador October 2018
Dr. Snizek performing Jose Lezcano’s Concierto for flute and guitar in Loja Ecuador October 2018
The architecture of this hall was stunning. I really enjoyed my time in Ecuador, wonderful friendly people and highly appreciative audiences!
Giving a guest masterclass in Guangzhou, China (December 2018)
Featured soloist in the first annual ‘Beneflute Day’, sponsored by the new Edmonton FLute Association! This is a post- recital photo in Edmonton, with EFA members Kimberley Hutton-Franchuk and Dorie Gold 25 May 2019

UVic September 2019 placement audition

As promised, here is the list for September 2019:

1. The Mozart Concerto in D major first mvt. from m. 32 to m. 97, please see :,_Wolfgang_Amadeus_-_Flute_Concerto_in_D_major,_K.314.pdf 

Please note: Students are free to use other editions of their own choosing for this Concerto. Also prepare the following items:

Placement auditions September 2019

There will be an orchestral excerpt list posted here, on the UVIc flute blog, by July. All flute students* will be placed into a large ensemble (either Concert band, Wind symphony or Orchestra) based on results of the placement audition. The auditions will be heard by a committee of faculty members. This audition will take place during the first week of classes (usually the first Thursday, classes begin Wednesday 4 Sept). You will need to sign up for an audition time via a sign up sheet, which will be posted on the large ensemble bulletin board (foot of stairs, lower level Maclaurin b wing).

Every yr I offer all students one lesson in advance (focussed on this audition material); this lesson simply “counts” as one of your first term lessons. This early lesson is optional but highly recommended. Because of time constraints (between first day of classes and the audition), this early lesson will take place between 26-30 August. This also allows you some time to make adjustments to how you are approaching the excerpts. Please contact me well in advance to schedule this “early lesson” as times invariably fill up quickly. 

FYI: lessons will usually be offered through a ‘first-come, first-serve’ sign up sheet process, posted on my studio door.

*with a few exceptions: MA graduate students or some transfer students no longer requiring the credit, if in doubt please consult with me directly…