Canada's Only All-Steinway School

"Playing a beautiful instrument can build up one's sense of musicianship and self-confidence . . . the Steinways are responsive and work with me to bring music to life."
Carolyn Taylo
r, Music student

In 2008, the School of Music made a commitment to excellence as the first and only all-Steinway School in Canada. We have 63 Steinway pianos: 49 uprights for practice rooms and faculty offices, 13 grand pianos for each of our piano teaching faculty and rehearsal halls, and one simply beautiful Steinway Concert Grand.

The opportunity to play on the best pianos in the world puts our students at a tremendous advantage. Steinways are known for their outstanding acoustical and performance properties. The beautiful tone of a Steinway and the control it gives pianists over the sound impacts all of our students, including those in chamber groups and ensembles.



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