Prima Choir



Founded by conductor Bruce More in 1994, Prima has provided a much needed opportunity for high school and university age students to perform choral music of 5 centuries with their peers in a community choir setting. In addition to 10 seasons in Victoria, they have performed in California, Austria, Hungary, Rumania, Transylvania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Germany, China, Korea , Cambodia and Thailand. They have also performed in Victoria and Vancouver with the Vancouver Bach Youth Choir and each Fall in Victoria with the Victoria Chamber Orchestra PRIMA Youth Choir

New conductor Wade Noble will take over this auditioned chorus of 70 voices in September of 2009. 

PRIMA's Goals are: 

To provide an opportunity for college and university students, young adult graduates and senior secondary school students to perform serious choral music in a community setting. To provide practical experience in the preparation & performance of choral music with youth choirs for students in the School of Music & Faculty of Education at U. Vic. To provide continuing choral experience for graduates of Viva Choirs. 

Know a young singer?

Give us a call!

Auditions are ongoing. Any interested singers should call Wade Noble at 250- 704-9233

the PRIMA Organization

is a non-credit ensemble of the University of Victoria School of Music. PRIMA committee members are Rick Knoles (250-883-1528), Maureen Gary, Gail PierangellI (250-727-3984), Paul Scambler (477-1111) (652-8182) Wade Noble - conductor (250-704-9233) and Bruce More - conductor emeritus (250-658-3407)


PRIMA Youth Choir opened the evening with three short unaccompanied pieces which were beautifully sung with excellent intonation, carefully moulded phrasing and first rate control of dynamics. - Deryk Barker, Victoria Times Colonist - The singers who had been applauded enthusiastically had to give many encores. Only after all of these was the enthusiastic audience of this benefit concert able to let this choir go. - S. Quast, Forstern Times, Munich - I dont believe I have enjoyed any performance (of Messiah) as much as I did Friday nights which combined freshness, drama, excitement and, yes, majesty. All I know is that I wouldn’t have missed Fridays performance for anything. - Deryk Barker, Victoria Times Colonist