The University of Victoria Chamber Singers
2006/07 - Season - 13 concerts

(click for a sound clip of "Leonardo")

Bergstreser, Jennifer
Birley, Kristen
Borgford, Corrine
Chou, Annie
Head, Sarah
Henigman, Jamie
Hughes, Vanessa
Jeffrey, Anne
Renning, Shannon
Sweeney, Sonya
Fay, Jackie
Hayes, Brittney
Heilke, Tally
Horvath, Nina
Loo, Stephanie
Manson, Marita
Oberg, Lara
Parrish, Alana
Tucker, Chelsea
West, Nicole
Yeates, Alia
Craigen, Stephen
Cuthbert, Neil
Granat, Alex
Hornby, Andrew
Hsieh, Patrick
MacArthur, Alex
Notheisz, Jeremey
Rae, Corey
Sherstobitoff, Andrei
Slade, Andrew
Clausen, Tristan
MacDonald, Nathan
McPherson, Allan
Noakes, Ryan
Phillips, Dylan
Ryan, Cairan
Scambler, Andrew
Stevenson, Hamish
Wallace, Cameron

Programmes & Repertoire

Saturday, November 25, St. Andrews Cathedral, 8pm
"Seen or Heard" -
A fascinating and entertaining selection of choral music from various historical notations and from the oral tradition, with folk music from many countries of the world and featuring Allegri's "Misere" and Whitaker's "Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine".


Friday, December 1 - P.T. Young Recital Hall, 12:30 noon
"Bruce is Back! " -
the "traditional" Chamber Singers Christmas Concert


Friday, March 16, P.T. Young Recital Hall, 8pm
"Music with a Bang!" -
an exciting programme of choral music with percussion accompaniment with the UVic. Percussion Ensemble, Bill Linwood, director.


April 26 - May 16

Concert Tour to Hungary, Rumania, Ukraine and Russia.