The University of Victoria Chamber Singers
2004/05 - Season - 11 concerts

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Bergstreser, Jennifer
Crittenden, Hayley
Head, Sarah
Henigman, Jamie
Hermanski, Bryn
Pollet, Emily
Reid, Louise
Robinson, Caitlin
Sinhuber, Erika
Collishaw, Taylor
Hayes, Brittney
Horvath, Nina
Manson, Marita
Shaw, Lisa
Sweeney, Sonya
West, Nicole
Bell, Isaiah
Fabri, Evan
Leontaridis, Leon
Sadd, Martin
Sherstobitoff, Andrei
Beasley, Steve
Cho, Ryan
Hornby, Andrew
McDonald, Nathan
Orr, Campbell
Phillips, Dylan
Popoff, Johnny
Robinson, Graham
Ryan, Cairan
Scambler, Andrew


Programmes & Repertoire

Sunday, Nov 21, 2004, “Sacred and Profane 1” - St. Andrews Cathedral. Finale from Voces Animae - Hildegaard Von Bingen; Song for Athene - John Taverner; Lux Aurumque - Eric Whitacre; Credo - From Mass in e minor-Anton Bruckner; Ave Maria - Giuseppe Verdi; Canticum Maria Virgine-Einjohanni Rautavarra; Reincarnations - Samuel Barber; Curse Upon Iron - Veljo Tormis; Laudes Creaturarum - Carl Orff

Friday, Dec. 3 Chamber Singers Traditional Concert - Recital Hall

We'll be right, Dionne O'Canada, search for Canadian Messiah -Carols from the Edge.

Saturday, January 21 “For the Children” Tsunami Benefit concert with the 2003/04 and 2004/5 Chamber Singers - St. Aidan’s United Church

Sat, Mar 12, 2005, “Sacred and Profane 2”
Church of St. John the Divine,:
Brahm’s “German Requiem”; Carl Orff’s “Catulli Carmina” & “Laudes Creaturarum.