The University of Victoria Chamber Singers
2002/03 - Season - 11 concerts

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Birley, Kristen
Chen, Ashley
Crittenden, Hayley
Head, Sara
Huckabay, Megan
Matsumaru, Karen
Mulroney, Nicole
Shaw, Lisa
Vermeulen, Bonnie
Braden, Emily
Brownrigg, Celia
Deans, Marissa
Head, Kim
Loxam, Christina
Nowlan, Lara
Streb, Cassia
Truemner, Tricia
Weicker, Sara
Carl, Tristan
Cousineau, Kim
Fabri, Evan
Hill, Grant
Hogg, Daniel
Marchand, Lucas
Sadd, Martin
Cho, Ryan
Dotchin, TIm
Hornby, Andrew
Morris, Geronimo
Nicholson, Scott
Popoff, Johnny
Robertson, James
Robinson, Jordie
Sherstobitoff, Andre

Programmes & Repertoire

Choral Music of the Baltic Countries
19th and 20th century works of Estonia, Finland, Latvia & Sweden
The University of Victoria Chamber Singers, Bruce More conducting.
St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Friday, Nov. 8, 2002, 8pm
Spring - Edvard Grieg; Aftonen - Hugo Alfvén; Quando - Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco; Malaguena - Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco; Somarnatten - Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco; Magnificat - Arvo Pärt; Taalums - Juris Karlsens; Rotala - Juris Karlsens; Mans esers - Juris Karlsens; Solfeggio - Arvo Pärt; Cancion de Jinete - Rautavaara; El grito - Rautavaara; Kutse II - Veljo Tormis; Nuud en sae Paev - Cyrillus Kreek; Kui Suur - Cyrillus Kreek; Kutse I - Veljo Tormis; Domardansen - Bengt Halberg; Vesy vassy - ; Beaufort Scale - Aulis Salinen

Nov. 29 - 12:30pm - Christmas Concert - Recital Hall

Pie, Vitrum, my bonny lass, shane, please, we'll be, saanich funeral, bean-fawlty-sperm-scripture/hymn, bawber, excerpts, insalata, fight fiercely


March 15 - Farquhar Auditorium - 8pm - Carmina Burana with Prima Youth Choir

Shakespeare & Choral Music - March 22 - St. Andrews Cathedral and April 11 - Empress Hotel Ballroom
Settings of Shakespeare texts by Canada’s great composers
The University of Victoria Chamber Singers, Bruce More conducting.
St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Saturday, Mar. 22, 2003, 8pm

Shakespeare International Conference - Empress Ballroom - April 14 - 8pm

Stephen Chatman - Cuckoo ; Derek Holman - O Mistress Mine; Keith Bissell - 2 Songs from Shakespeare: - When Icicles hang by the wall, Full Fathom Five; Harry Freedman - Songs from Shakespeare: - Sigh No More Ladies, Come Away Death, It Was a Lover and His Lass, O Mistress Mine, The Wind and the Rain; Orlando Gibbons - The Cries of London; Robert Fleming - Madrigal; Jeffrey Ryan - Two Households; RalphVaughan Williams - Three Shakespeare Songs: - Full Fathom Five, The Cloud Capp'd Towers. Over Hill Over Dale