School of Music Student Handbook

Scholarships & Work Study


  • The School of Music annually awards more than $250,000 in scholarships and bursaries
  •  15 entrance bursaries of $3,000 each are available for string and piano students
  • Approximately 33% of our undergraduate students, entering and returning, receive assistance.
  • A small number of students who demonstrate a very high academic average are awarded "top-up" money from the President's Scholarship fund.
  • Graduate students are awarded fellowships through the Office of Graduate Studies. Funds are also available for graduate teaching assistantships.

Scholarship Eligibility
Entrance scholarships are awarded on the basis of the audition and GPA. Scholarships for returning students are awarded on the basis of grades and in some cases, excellence in a particular area, as specified by the scholarship. Important: In order to be considered for a scholarship, a returning student must have completed at least 12 units of academic work in the previous school year. Keep this in mind when considering dropping a course from your schedule. Every year several deserving students who would otherwise receive scholarships are disqualified because they are not carrying 12 units.

Please refer to Student Awards and Financial Aid for further information on available scholarships and awards.


  • A small number of bursaries are available and are awarded on the basis of financial need and ability.
  • To be eligible for bursaries undergraduate students must be registered in a minimum of 4.5 units each term of the bursary period, and students with a permanent disability must be registered in a minimum of 3.0 units. Graduate students must meet the definition of full-time status as determined by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Bursary application deadline is October 15. More information about bursaries is available here.  

Johann Strauss Foundation, Joseph and Melitta Kandler Scholarships

The Johann Strauss Foundation Scholarships are available for advanced study of music at specified public or private institutions in Austria listed in the brochure below.

Deadline for applications: Thursday, December 21, 2017
Audition date: Saturday, January 13, 2018

Work Study Program

The work study program is funded by the university's Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) department and provides additional financial assistance through on-campus part-time employment opportunities to students with financial need.

Eligible students may hold one work study position at a time and work up to a maximum of 340 hours. SAFA will provide a maximum of $12.00 per hour for wages.

The work study program runs from September to April. 

School of Music positions include:

  • Concert assistant (usher)
  • Recording technician
  • Stage manager for the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall
  • Stage manager for Orchestra & Wind Symphony
  • Large ensemble librarian

How to Apply:

Students wishing to be considered for Work Study must:

  • be full-time students:
      • undergraduate students: 4.5 units for credit in each term
      • students with a permanent disability: 3.0 units for credit in each term
      • graduate students: as defined by Graduate Admissions and Records
  • not drop below full-time status at any time between September and April
  • have financial need

As eligibility is based on demonstrated financial need, students must:

  • Complete a work study application 
  • Submit the completed application to Student Awards & Financial Aid for assessment anytime after August 15.
  • Return to Student Awards & Financial Aid after three business days with photo identification for the decision on eligibility.

If you are eligible:

  1. You will receive a work study authorization form - your ticket to participating in the program. Students assessed with less than 20 hours of eligibility will not receive an authorization form.
  2. View the work study job positions, available to view on September 3. It is recommended that prospective applicants wait until they have worked out their timetable for the year before applying for a work study position. The final decision on hiring will be made by the project supervisor.

*Important note - A Social Insurance Number is required before commencing work in a work study position. Please contact Service Canada for information and application procedures.

There is no guarantee of job placement due to limited positions on campus. Jobs under the program are administered according to internal policies and procedures established by the University of Victoria. Due to the demand for Work Study and student availability, it is not uncommon for positions at the School of Music to be shared between two applicants.

Interested in a particular position for September? Please contact the School of Music’s Work Study Supervisor, Linda Sheldon ( Cover letters and résumés will be accepted by email and in person at the Music Office once positions have been posted.