School of Music Student Handbook

First Week Activities

Check out the schedule of important First Week Activities for auditions, placement tests and meeting times.

Important schedule changes, special instructions from teachers, meetings, and audition times can be found on the notice boards in the upstairs and downstairs lobby.

If you need to check your record, please go to

Placement Auditions

It is required that all brass, woodwind, and string students audition for placement in the UVic Orchestra and Wind Symphony. On occasion, students may be considered for both ensembles.

Check your inbox! A link to audition excerpts for all instruments will be sent to you by email.

Theory Placement Tests

Students with a good background in music theory (Royal Conservatory of Music Intermediate Harmony) might wish to take the advanced placement theory test just before classes begin in September.

Theory materials are available for entering undergraduate students preparing for Theory Placement Tests and/or Challenge Exams

Timetable Cards

Once you have established your timetable, visit the Music Office to fill in a timetable card. Fill out both sides completely and return to the Music Office. It is important that these cards be completed and kept up to date. If, in the course of the year, any information should change, please notify us immediately.


Please make sure that you do the following in the first week of classes:

  • Complete course registration or see your advisor if you need assistance.
  • Check the First Week Activities calendar for times and places of required placement auditions, exemption exams, and other important School meetings in the first two weeks
  • Fill out two timetable cards (available from the Music office): one for the office and one for your private instructor’s mailbox.
  • Sign-out your practice room key. A $20 cash deposit is required; refunded upon return of the key at the end of the year.
  • Contact your private instructor to arrange your lesson time.
  • Check the Large Ensemble bulletin board downstairs (adjacent to MacLaurin B019) for large ensemble assignments and possible meeting times with your instrumental classes/ensembles.
  • Make sure you have a wire stand for large ensemble, chamber music and off-campus practicing.
  • Sign and submit the Consent to the Release of Photos & Videos
  • Apply for financial assistance if you need it. Information on student loans, bursaries and Work Study is available from the Student Awards and Financial Aid office.
  • Register for fall and spring courses.