School of Music Student Handbook

Building Information & Policies

Office and Building Hours

School of Music Main Office (Mac B102) hours:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – noon / 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The MacLaurin building hours are 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. weekdays and 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. weekends and holidays.

The UVic campus is closed from December 25 – January 1 inclusive. (There will be no access to the MacLaurin building during this period.)

Practice & Rehearsal Rooms

The School of Music has excellent practice and rehearsal facilities, all with Steinway pianos. There are nearly 40 practice rooms available for Music students. Individual practice rooms are reserved for students registered in undergraduate and graduate music programs.

A practice room key is assigned to each registered B.Mus, M.Mus or MA student. A $20 cash deposit is required in exchange for a permanent practice room key.

Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis, except for Mac B052 and B054, which can be reserved ahead of time by signing up on the booking sheets. The booking sheets will be posted just outside these rooms on a bi-weekly basis.

Mac B030 is available to the university community at no charge. First priority for B030 goes to students enrolled in the Combined Major Program in Music and Computer Science.

Please abide by the following policies when using the practice rooms:

  • No food or drinks on the pianos, no exceptions
  • Do not move the pianos or remove benches
  • Do not place items (such as scarves, paper) over the window of the practice room
  • If a room is vacated for 15 minutes, it can be claimed for use by another student. (Do not place bags, purses, or other items to hold a room)
  • Do not leave personal belongings or valuable unattended in any room or area of the School
  • When you’re finished:
    • Turn off the lights and turn down the heat
    • Take your belongings with you
    • Cover and lock the piano (when applicable)
    • Shut the door

Please do not remove music stands from the building for any circumstance. Students are asked to bring their own wire stands for off-campus practicing, weekly rehearsals and performances.

Rehearsal Rooms

Mac B016 and B037
The two large rehearsal rooms, Mac B016 and B037, may be booked by the following:

    • All faculty members
    • UVic ensemble groups of two or more students registered in either the undergraduate or graduate program.

Special Limitations: As large rehearsal space is limited at the School of Music, individuals may not book in advance, but may use only if available at the time needed-- Ensembles and classes have priority.

Phillip T. Young Recital Hall
The Phillip T. Young Recital Hall is NOT available for general, unscheduled practicing but may be booked for recitals, dress rehearsals, and audition recording sessions. Please inform the office or a faculty member if you notice: doors left open or unlocked, stage lights left on, pianos left uncovered and/or unlocked.

Room Booking Policies and Procedures

For rehearsal rooms Mac B037, B016, B115 (the Lounge), B120 and Phillip T. Young Recital Hall:

  • Bookings are accepted up to two weeks in advance for a maximum of 2 hours per week.
  • Bookings must be made using the online request form.
  • You will need your Netlink ID and password to access the calendars and booking form.
  • All bookings that precede a class expire 10 minutes prior to the start of the class.
  • Your booking time must include set-up and takedown.

Please note: Due to a lack of soundproofing, Mac B120 and B115 are restricted to string quartet rehearsals and coachings.

Room Keys

As all of the rehearsal rooms are to be kept locked at all times, it will be necessary for you to sign out a key at the School of Music office if you have a room booked.

Key sign-out & return: Monday-Friday, 11:00 am - noon & 3:00-4:00 pm

A $20 cash deposit is required for each key signed out. Late key return will result in forfeit of your deposit.

The School of Music has a three-tiered system for key loans:

1. Permanent loans: A practice room key is assigned to each registered B.Mus, M.Mus or MA student. Keys can be returned at the end of the academic year and/or kept for the following year. Graduating students are asked to return their practice room key at the conclusion of classes in their final year.

2. Semi-permanent loans: Semi-permanent key loans for other studios/rooms are also granted to Work Study students and, in special cases, with written permission from a faculty member.

3. Overnight loans: Restricted keys to School of Music facilities are available for same day or overnight loan only (ie. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, B016, B037, B120, B115 and B002 and B006). Key(s) that are signed out are due back the same day before 4:00 p.m. or during the key return hours the following day (if for evening use). If the key is not returned by 4:00 p.m. the following day, your deposit will be forfeited, no exceptions.

Piano Use & Care

The School of Music is the first and only all-Steinway Music School in Canada. While we have the good fortune and privilege of using excellent instruments for practice, lessons and concerts, it is very important that we take special care to preserve these pianos for the benefit of all current and future students.

Please respect and care for these instruments as if they were your own and take special care when using and moving them. 

General Piano Policy

  • Never place articles, including other instruments, cases, clothing, or any type of food or drink, on any part of the pianos. This applies particularly to practice rooms, where such things are most likely to happen. Damage caused by spills and scratches can be long-lasting or irreparable.
  • Practice room pianos and benches are not to be moved out of their rooms.

Recital Hall Pianos

Please observe to the following guidelines when using the pianos in the Recital Hall:

  • All pianos must be moved carefully, with two people and with covers on if they are being moved through any doorways;
  • Always release the brakes before moving the pianos;
  • Be sure that the stage doors are open wide enough and are not in motion when moving the pianos through them; 
  • Make sure that the pianos are stored far enough away from stage doors so that they are not in striking distance when opening the doors;
  • Store piano covers on a table or chair (and not on the floor). Dirt picked up from the floor can scratch the instrument;
  • After use, pianos should always be re-covered and locked;
  • Turn off all lights in the Recital Hall after use. Heat from the lights damages the pianos and disrupts the tuning.

The New Concert Steinway (serial #916) is only available for graduating piano recitals, both undergraduate and graduate; and Fridaymusic “Keyboard” and “Open” recitals (except those that include “prepared” piano works*)

The Older Steinway (serial #558) is available for all performances taking place in the Hall, except those that include “prepared” piano works*. The New Steinway will not be used unless there is a repertoire requirement for two pianos.

*The piano in B016 may be used for performances with “prepared” piano.


  • Lockers are available for each student and are pre-assigned.
  • New/transfer students: locker assignments will be emailed and posted outside the Music Office the first week of September.
  • Returning students: use lockers as per last year’s assignments.
  • You must supply your own combination or key lock or purchase a lock through the School of Music at a discounted price. An email will be sent mid-summer with details of purchasing locks.
  • Please provide your lock combination (or spare key) on supplied forms at the office in September.
  • Please keep your locker secured at all times. Do not leave your locker unlocked or unattended at any time.

McPherson Library

The Mearns Centre for Learning – McPherson Library (see campus map for location) has a large collection of scores, books, serial titles, records, tapes and CDs as well as several listening stations. You will spend a good deal of your time in the Bessie Brooks Winspear Music and Media Commons of the McPherson Library. Make a point of becoming familiar with the services available to you as soon as possible.

School of Music Library

Ensemble works of more than nine parts for Orchestra and Wind Symphony are housed in Mac B019. This library also includes choral scores for large chorus and orchestra pieces, smaller chamber pieces for voice (SATB), miniscores, and ensemble music for jazz orchestra, brass, strings and woodwinds. Library access is restricted to faculty, staff and graduate and undergraduate student librarians.

During the year music will be available one week prior to the first rehearsal.

Computer Access

Computers are available for student use in a variety of locations around campus. The main facility is the Clearihue Building Student Computing Facility (ClearCF, CLEA112), located in the A-Wing of the Clearihue Building (adjacent to the McPherson Library and Petch Fountain). The ClearCF is available to all registered students, staff and faculty. ClearCF offers both Mac and PC workstations, computer equipped classrooms, drop-in areas, multimedia editing stations with scanners and printing services. Workstations in ClearCF may be used on a drop-in basis in any of the rooms that are not booked for a formal teaching session. Booking schedules are posted outside of each room on a weekly basis. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask one of the staff on duty. Detailed information about computing facilities on campus can be found here.
Before you can use the computers at any of the facilities, you will need to set up your NetLink ID. This will give you a UVic email account and allow you to login to any of the available computers on campus.

Music notation software (Sibelius) is available for student use in the Fine Arts Studios for Integrated Media (SIM). The Fine Arts building is located directly across Ring Road from the School of Music. It is recommended that composition students familiarize themselves with the SIM lab.

Students registered in MUS 170A, MUS 170B, MUS 270A and MUS 270B are encouraged to use the Aural Skills (Musica Practica) software in the SIM for personal practice outside of class.

Student Telephone

The student telephone (250-721-8989) is located near the main lockers behind the stairs. Use this number when calling the School to leave messages for other music students. Do not use the School's Department telephone number as a point of contact except in emergencies. When phoning off-campus, dial 9 then the number you wish to reach. On-campus calls require only the last four digits. Out of consideration for your fellow students, please make short calls only from this phone. Courtesy phones are available in the A Wing of the MacLaurin if this location is busy.

Campus Security

Campus Security officers are on duty 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and are first responders for all emergencies including medical, fire and personal safety.

Campus Security Services provides a SafeWalk service available to members of the University Community. The escort service is provided from building to building, building to vehicle, and vice versa within the boundaries of the campus, including Ian Stewart Complex.

Emergency & SafeWalk:  250-721-7599
Non-Emergency:  250-721-6683  

Lost & Found

Lost and found items are often brought to the Music Office. Unclaimed items will be sent to the Campus Security Office and may be claimed during their office hours.

Damage & Theft

Watch your valuables! Theft does occur on campus. We recommend that you not leave any personal belongings (especially your instruments, electronics, and bags) unattended in any area of the University or in a practice room. If you are using a studio, practice room or classroom, always make sure that the door is closed and locked when you leave. Please report any damage or theft to the Music Office and/or Campus Security immediately.


The School of Music have reserved and metered parking in Parking Lot E (closest to the MacLaurin Building) and paid parking in Lot 6 (across the Ring Road). Visit Parking and Transportation Services for all of your parking inquiries.